Monday, February 13, 2012

Murfreesboro Quilting Retreat

Since Betty and I did not get to go to the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild Retreat this January at beautiful Unicoi State Park with all the girls, thanks to a really low air fare,  Betty and I had our own little retreat in lovely Murfreesboro, TN.  The scenery and the company was not up to the event we missed, but we had a great time together and got quite a lot accomplished.  And made plans for the next mini-retreat!!  But, Betty brought the cold weather from Michigan with her and TN had the coldest weather of the winter!!

I made a bunch of cute tissue holders to give to special folks on Valentine's Day 

and started my challenge piece for the 2012 Bulloch Hall Quilt Show in March.  But we really focused on a couple projects Betty had brought and it has really warmed up my sewing engines!!!!

Betty has had this little Easter piece from Buggy Barns in her head for a while.  The bunnies will have little dark eyes, pink noses (maybe heart buttons, maybe heart beads) and buttons on their bowties.  The chocolate bunny in the middle is sitting backward from all the other bunnies, so she will add a fuzzy white tail.  I hope she adds some glitter in there, too, but that is me and not her!!!  Maybe she is going to add some little Easter Egg buttons to the baskets in the corner.  Of course, the baskets are from And we cut out the eggs on the die-cut machine, too.  All the scattered eggs are stuffed and she will add them after the piece is quilted - just tack them to the surface.  They have glitter-y rick rack and fancy trim.  How delightful!!!  She promised to send a pic of the finished piece!!!  I think the eyes and buttons and such will just set it all off!  The chocolate bunny in the middle is just inspired, Betty!!  This is just so cute.

And then we started with the 2 inch squares!  Man, you talk about using up thread.  Every time we turned around, we were replacing the bobbin.  We kinda tag-teamed this guy.  Betty started off all "you just have to have every point perfect' so she was on the machine and I manned the iron.  Of course, after awhile, her standards kinda lowered and I got to sew some!  lol  Borders are just pinned on the design wall, so we better get a finished pic of this one, too!!!

And really, her points are pretty darned good!!!  I'll have to give her that one!!!  

This piece is so cute.  I may have caught the 2 inch square bug though.  There were a couple really cute pieces in the book.  And, I have completely lost my mind if I go 1 inch squares???  Yeah, you don't have to answer that one. . .   And really, I have the 2 inch die so all those 2 inch squares are awful easy to cut out. . . . .   Maybe I will just downsize the number of blocks.  This one might look really cute with 5 hearts and 4 blue dots.  Yeah, that would make way more sense than going 1 inch block.  Thank you for talking me out of it!!!

Way to go, Betty!  We are getting very good at mini-retreats!!  Let's plan on July for a whole week at the lake. . .

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ryan and Michael have their quilt!

Last Saturday night, Ryan arranged a little surprise gathering at a relatives house to present the quilt to Michael.  Michael knew something was up but had no idea what it was.  We all were out on the deck waiting for their arrival.  Ryan had the most beautiful 'love note' to read to Micheal (we all cried) and then he got to open up the quilt.  What a wonderful group project completely made with love!!!

 Melinda Overstreet took some great pictures (check out her pictures here) and Danielle recorded Ryan reading his 'love note' to Micheal (go here to see the video).  It takes a bit to load and you need QuickTime but it is worth it !!!

They looked so good under their new quilt, I just had to jump in!!!

This was a pretty cool project for all of us to work on.  Thanks to everyone who  helped me figure out what to do, donated fabric, helped me pick out fabrics, cut stuff, ironed stuff, tore off the paper pattern FROM EACH AND EVERY PIECE, and lovingly longarm quilted it and made the beautiful label for this great piece.  Give your selves a pat on the back and a hug until I see you again to do it in person.  Bravo, team, bravo!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Fairy Quilt GodMother is done!

Paper Panche had a contest to create your very own, one-of-a-kind Fairy Quilt Godmother.  They had a list of questions you answered and then you got the pattern made just for you.  A bunch of us girls made 'em.  Of course, I'm bringin' up the tail end of the pack but she is done.  Thank you Betty for taunting me into "get 'er done"
 mode!  I didn't paper piece the intricate locket that came with the pattern, so she sports a Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild pin as a locket.  I am so smart!  That little idea saved me like 2 hours!!!!

Maple Sugar

A few years ago, Betty and I took a road trip to Keepsake Quilters and I bought this kit.  Never have gotten around to making it and she said instead of me trying to sell in on ebay, she would take it and make it.  Well, the clever girl instead, cut it out and brought the kit along on her latest trip to see me.  So, with the kit all cut out, we just tag teamed the sewing and before we knew it, we had a really beautiful top.

Betty has found the backing and is going to have her longarmer quilt it. What a beautiful piece.  I am so glad she 'made' me sew it.  Of course, when you are sewing with your buddy, it is a lot better than sewing alone.  And the project goes together a lot quicker, too!!!  Thank you, Betty!!!

Look what Betty did!!

Betty whipped up 2 tumbler block charity quilts for the Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies and we dropped them off when she was in town.  These are just so cute!  I love this block.  Ole RJ just had to get in the picture to show off all the weight she has lost.  Way to go, RJ.  Why is the answer always 'diet and exercise"?  Can't it just be 'chocolate and the couch" just once?
And Betty, quite accomplished quilter that she is becoming, made these tops by using the pieces as 'spiders' while sewing other projects.  A 'spider' is a random piece of fabric run thru the sewing machine before and after any piecing that is not chain pieced.  So, Bonnie Hunter   has taken the spider to a whole new level.  She always has a box of fabric pre-cut and ready to go when she needs a 'spider'.  Before you know it, you have lots of blocks made.
Rj is taking a bunch of tumbler blocks to the Project Linus Blanket Day for the 4Hers to work on.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Double Wedding Ring is back from Zoe!!!

Yippee, look what came in the mail!!!  I was so excited when I got home and saw this big box waiting for me!!!  Well, for Ryan and Michael really but it is mine for a little while. 

And look how pretty it is packed in it's little box!
Zoe really knows how to do it up right!  It's like an early Christmas!  And it is all fold so pretty and all tied up with a bow!  Zoe, girl, you rock.

So, what does her little note say???  Well, as usual, she is telling me what to do!  She says, "Draw your lines - and sew ALL around edges BEFORE you trim to square up otherwise it will spread or seem to grow.  I left pins in to help (at the top and bottom)."  Thanks for the heads up.  You know me well!  I would have stuck my little fingers for sure.  She used a pattern called "Manchester Cavier" by Anne Bright. How perfect.  But I will be a bit of a tease right now!  You all can't see the pattern til I apply the binding and then we will have the big reveal!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Quilt Label arrives from Australia!!

Auntie Joan (from 'Down Under') has completed the label for Ryan and Micheal's double wedding ring quilt.  And it is fabulous.  Auntie Joan sent some pictures of the label in progress.  This is pretty cool machine she's got!!  I am very impressed.  Ole talented Auntie Joan designed this label and choose the colors especially for the quilt.  Wow!  This is way cool!  Who'd a thought this whole project would turn our this incredible.  You go, Joan!!  We bow to your creativity and talent!
Auntie Joan has it all planned out on the fancy machine and we are off!

 We have got to find out just how long this took for the machine to stitch out.  This machine is way cool.
 Look at the wedding rings!  They are outlined in a heavier gold stitching and just fabulous!  The stitching in an arch over the rings and ribbon is just inspired.
 Now for a classy saying. . .
 . . . and who all had a hand in this project.  Ya know, I'm sure the machine does this, but aren't the lines all straight and everything all centered and aligned.  Yeah, it's the machine and not Joan. . .   lol
And for the big finish -- this wonderful label is surrounded by fabric from Auntie Joan's own Australian stash.  You go, Joan.  This is just amazing!  You are the embroidery goddess!