Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Hope y'all had a great Christmas and enjoyed your family and friends. I have been looked over for the past few weeks by a glorius angel sitting on my desk reminding me to enjoy what I have and be glad. A wonderful 'angel' from 'down under' sent me this beautiful Jim Shore piece to brighten my holidays and it sure has! xoxox Merry Christmas!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A little more work done on my Nativity...

Did a bit more work on my Nativity. I added a tiny gold inner border and then a larger border of sand and sky. Next step it to pillowcase a back and the batting, do a bit of machine quilting and then on to the beads, sequins and bobbles! That will be the fun part. Hey, this guy might actually be done for THIS Christmas! Thanks for the deadlines, Cody Anne!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Group Nativity Scenes are here!!!!

Betty D. presents her top with a gold frame sewen around it. Really sets off the tiny bits of gold throughout the piece. Very nicely done. Love the dark blue in the upper sky and the lighter blue in the lower sky. Really like the King's robes and the donkey!!!!

Betty A. chimes in with a killer sky! The fabrics are incredible but then I am a bit of a batik fan. Really like the fence fabirc and the camel!!!! So pretty!!!!

Cody Anne went nuts with her sky! How great. I like the way it frames the manger. And the King's robes are a real winner! Her dove really stands out and the sheep's legs are perfect!!!! Cody Anne is responsible for sucking us all into doing this project. She took our little hands and led us along until it was too late to bail. Always a valuable asset in any good leader. Do lemmings come to mind?

Collen has used so many cool batiks! The sky has such movement and the manger is wonderful!!! Like the sand choice and love, love, love the donkey!!

Ok, so Miss Priss is a bit behind the deadline but she is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see the piece all together. I love the color choices especially the inside of the manger. Very cool!!!
Jan, Jan, Jan, always thinking outside the box. Or is it that she just refuses to follow directions? Doesn't matter 'cause she nailed this one! I love it!!! All in blacks and golds and lots of metallics. Love the pearl palm fronds!! Of course, she had all this stuff in her stash and it solves the question of why she ws buying all those metallic fat quarters in Paducah and Nashville and Houston and . . . . Fairy Frosts will never be the same!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GREAT Tip!!!!

A friend passed along this great tip for dealing with sewing machine needles! An inexpensive bead box (available at most craft stores) serves as the perfect solution for keeping your various needles segregated by size and function. When you change a needle, I put a little antique button into the compartment so you'll remember what's in the machine. What a wonderful tip! Putting all my needles in a bead box THIS VERY AFTERNOON!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have news!!!!!

First, I will have pictures of all the Nativity tops on September 3rd and I will get them posted asap.

Second, I can now announce the name of the 2010 Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild Show to be held March 13 thru the 21st. YOU are among the very first to know!!!!

Tomorrow's Classics Today

Isn't that cool?? We will be having a special traveling exhibit again this year plus quilts made by our members and the community. And of course, a special display of all the FINISHED Nativity scenes.

If you would like to submit a quilt to be included in the show, go to for more info. We will have info up as soon as it is available.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Stick a fork in it! It's done! Well, not really, 'cause I need to quilt it and sew on all the embellishments but at least the piecing is done and I can move on to the next step!!! Dan helped me take off all the paper from the back last night. HATE, HATE, HATE that part. Used the foundation from Paper Panache and it was like typing paper. Betty has done hers on a tissue like paper so THAT is in my future for sure. Except that can you take out a seam 4 times when you are using the tissue paper? Ummmmm. Lots of things I would do different but don't think another one of these is in my future for a while. Stay tuned - there's sequins and bobbles and beads - OH MY!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day #25

And finally, a creche for the baby.  Yeah, bad picture but it helps hide the boo-boo.  If you look closely, the peice on the inside of the cradle doesn't have the gold flake all the way to the end.  Trying to use tiny pieces of fabric and got the selvage edge in there.  Opps!  Last piece and still making mistakes.  I love it!  But now I can start piecing the top together!  Had dinner with some of the other girls doing this project and they are all fabulous.  Will try to get pictures of them at the guild meeting in September and post them.  Each one is so different and sooooo wonderful!!!  What a cool project.

Day #23 & Day #24

Finally got to the Holy Family!  Jeez!  Thought that would never happen.  Just one more little piece and I can start sewing this sucker together. . .

Day #22

Here's a king and the really cool trunk of the palm tree.  Yes, it's kinda blue. . .   It's supposed to be that way!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day #21

I do love the sheep!!! Now if this one is grazing, think it will need some grass to be nibbling at. Do I smell green bugle beads in his future??

Day #20

More sky and stars!!!

Day #19

I guess Day #18 was so I could rest up for this whopper. I do love the legs on the camel.

Day #18

Considering the complex nature of some of the previous pieces, this one was a quickie!!!

Day #17

Now I'm gettin' excited!!!! I love the horn and the palm fronds!!! The sky is gonna be fabulous!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day #16

This is my favorite so far!!! This donkey is really sweet! I love the hills and the barn boards, too. I am rethinking the inside of the manger, too. It should have been darker gray. I have NO grays in my stash at all! How could that be? Need to go shopping! Betty and I got the donkey fabric in Nashville. Worked out perfect, Bets!

Day #15

Bow wow! Arf, arf! Not sure why a dog is at the manager either. I need to get out my bible. This is feeling more like Noah's Ark! And I think I need to replace the one dark hairy piece under his head. I think it should be the sand and not that grey I put there. Opps!

Day #14

My picture is a little blurry, but this is the king riding the camel.

Day #13

Now this little sheep is adorable!!!! I love his black face and legs. The sand is working out pretty good, too. I'm half done but already want to get this puppy done! I'm ready for embellishments! Any suggestions for quilting from the peanut gallery??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day #12

Here's a big bit of the sky for Day #12. Got a bit of palm frond and an angel foot. I am going nuts thinking about the embellishments. I am gonna put different size crystals in the sky so the stars will really glitter.

Day #11

Not happy with the fabrics for this little king. I thought I was using the circle and the dark green . Not sure how the green stripe got in there. Yeah, I could re-do it but I am not gonna do it!!! Maybe he is from a country not very stylish. . .

Day #10

This piece is the shepard's staff. I used a really funky batik and it turned out really well. I am really liking this!!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day #9

This piece has a building in it. Thought the pink tiled fabric would be cool, but now I'm not so sure. . . Maybe this IS turning into Malibu Jesus. . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day #8

Got the first King done. I just love it that his shoes and vest match! I'm sure that was a concern during those times. But his crown did come out nice!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day #7

Moo!!! Moo!!! Yes, it is a cow. Doesn't quite look like it yet. I do like his little eyes.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day #6

When I saw the kitty in the nativity scene, I thought, "Why is a cat there in the foreground instead of in the barn catching mice or in Mary's lap demanding attention?" Yeah, cats are not my favorite animals. But he turned out really cute. I might have to alter my cat thoughts. . .

Day #5

This little angel is pretty cute, if I do say so myself!! Generally, when I see the others fabric choices, I am becoming dissatisfied with my choices but I LOVE the horn fabric on this piece!!!! These two pieces will get sewn together when the whole top is pieced.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day #4

Happy 4th of July!!! Got Day #4 done. Not happy at all with the fabric selections, but I am stuck with them. The grey walls are of the city and I can live with that but the city gate disappears! I'm thinking beads!!! When I get done with this puppy, everything that is not just as I want it is gonna get covered with beads and sequins. Jan is calling this Nativity "Malibu Jesus" because all my fabrics are so bright. She may be right!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day #3

I just may have the hang of this thing now. Or maybe this was just an easy section!!! I love the dove's little beak/face!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day #2

Day #2 was interesting! LOTS of tiny pieces. I think I am getting the hang of it though. Gotta remember - right sides together and leave SEAM allowances. Jeez. . .

PP Nativity - Day #1

Well, I've started my paper piecing project. I am convinced I am completely nuts. I keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over again! Maybe it will get better as the days move on. We'll see. . . .

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We wish you a merry Christmas. . .

Ok, now that I am all warmed up with the paper piecing - here is the July challenge. 10 of us girls have decided to all do Paper Panache's Nativity. So here we go.

I've got my color sheet all ready, fabrics selected, separate sewing area and I am off. We will do one section each day for 25 days. Then sew them all together and QUILT them!! Yes, this puppy is gonna be done! Nothing like a little peer pressure to make sure things get done!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here fishy, fishy. . .

Some of the ladies came over yesterday and we had a little stitch in.  What a great treat to sit with friends and sew!  Felt great!!!  I brushed up on my paper piecing skills and made this little fishy.  The best thing about him is he is done!!!!!  He is an Eileen Sullivan (The Designer's Workshop)  pattern and fabrics are from her kit.  I just love her stuff!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miss Joan 'lights up' Down Under

Joan gave her slide show and 'lecture' about her trip to the states to her Guild the other day.  Of course, Paducah was the highlight!  How could it have not been with glow in the dark vests???  Apparently, Waverly Patchworkers in Melbourne, Australia, will never be the same.  Joan is available for the International Lecture Circut.  Professional fees apply.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Charity Quilt

I just put the binding on this cute charity quilt for Zoe. This 34" x 44" charity quilt was made using a kit I have pre-cut. Zoe added an inner and outer border and did some really cool long arm quilting on it. Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild Charity Committee will receive this quilt, among lots of others, at the June birthday party. Want to make one like it? I've got kits and instructions. Give me a holler!!!

PROOF (I do not piece accurately)

When I saw the kit, I thought it was a good idea. You know how that is.

I have pieced a larger Storm At Sea Kit from The Flynn Company and loved it. Of course, no border yet and then to quilt it, but when I saw this smaller one, I thought, hey, that will be fun! It's only 17" x 21". How hard could that be? I think I could have done 5 regular sized tops in the time it took me to cuss, I mean, sew this little puppy.

I need to remember I just don't care enough to be accurate!

But, hey, this is my favorite thing -- done!!! None of the points match, the seams aren't the same, there are puckers, didn't have enough binding so had to improvise. . . but it is bright and catches the eye. Just don't look too close and it will seem really cool. I think I like the back better than the front!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Popparazzi in action!

Liz sent me a great picture she took in Paducah! Liz caught Jan T and me with Eileen Sullivan in front of her booth. Eileen is from Atlanta and has spoken at Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild several times. I am so envious of her work and she is so much fun in a workshop. Check out The Designers Workshop at She's got wonderful paper piecing patterns and her brand new ones are the seashells between Jan T and me. Just lovely. I, of course, bought all the seashells (she says more are coming) and the wildflowers I have been lusting after way too long!!

Thanks for sending it along, Liz.
Check out Liz's continuing adventure with her RV Harvey at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Stash Builder Babes' own Paducah 2009!!!!

'Yes, we girls know how to have fun!! What a blast! I haven't had such a fun time since spring break that one year. . . Excuse me, about to be TMI. But, we did have a tremendous time and it was laid firmly at the feet of Jan, who came up with the whacky 'Stash Builder Babes' concept, and Joan for being BFF with the Best of Show winner, and my little boy Matt, who let me drive his precious truck all over the place!

First, I pick up Betty (from Michigan) and Joan and Di (from Australia) at the Nashville airport. Yes, I am pretty easy to spot on my own, but Matt's big orange truck really helped complete the vision.

We girls head straight to Paducah and of course hit Hancock's immediately!!!! Got to get warmed up for the big show!!!

Needless to say, this was not our last stop at Hancock's - we only went three times though. I think that is good for 5 days! We paced ourselves!!!!

The fun really started at the airport in Paducah. Joan "Batik" Walker just happened to be BFF with the 'Best in Show Winner' so we girls dressed in our finest and headed to the airport to surprise poor Mayria Waters as she got off the plane. And boy, what a welcome. Teresa Hasty, owner of the Moore Flats where we stayed, called Channel 6 and had them send out a camera crew! Jeez! And Batik made friends with a crw shooting a documentary, too! Ole' Batik will just talk to anyone!! We welcomed Mayria along with 2 Paducah Ambassadors (in the red coats). She probably thinks folks in the US are nuts and she may just be right!!

Once all the girls got in town, we hit a local 'pub' to watch ourselves on the local news. Yeah, thats right, we made the nightly news - at 5pm, 6pm and again at 10pm. Everyone must have seen us.

The next morning, bright and early, we all dressed in our finery and headed to the show! Yeah, we cool. . . From the top left you have Susan 'Long Arm' Riser, Dianne 'Sampler' Anderson, Betty 'Seam Ripper' Duff, Diane 'Thimbles' Berdis, Joan 'Batik' Walker, Holly 'Bobbin' Anderson, middle sitting on the steps is Helga 'Needles' Diggleman, sitting on the bottom step from the left, Jan ' Fat Quarters' Antranikian and me, Lisa 'Accucut' Throneberry. What a crew.

Jan is the Crew Chief 'cause this was all her idea and Helga is the exhibitionist 'cause she had a quilt in the show!!!

And I can just make friends anywhere. I really liked the way he was dressed!! And the next guy even wanted my hat!

And so off we go into the show. You would have thought Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson had walked in the door. Everyone had seen us on TV and wanted to take our picture. It was a hoot!!! It was kinda fun when we were all together but when I was off by myself, I just felt kinda silly. I'm not sure why. . . But I did tend to stay close to Betty. Betty and I were sitting having a sandwich and talking to a man who was waiting on his wife. After we had talked for a few minutes he asked us - are you ready for this??? - how long we had been working for the hotel!!! Betty choked on her sandwich! Someone asked Diane if she made her vest and she said, "Yes, and sewing on this vinyl is a b***h." I think we brought her over to the dark side. She seemed so sweet and innocent at guild meetings. . .