Thursday, May 14, 2009

'Stash Builder Babes' own Paducah 2009!!!!

'Yes, we girls know how to have fun!! What a blast! I haven't had such a fun time since spring break that one year. . . Excuse me, about to be TMI. But, we did have a tremendous time and it was laid firmly at the feet of Jan, who came up with the whacky 'Stash Builder Babes' concept, and Joan for being BFF with the Best of Show winner, and my little boy Matt, who let me drive his precious truck all over the place!

First, I pick up Betty (from Michigan) and Joan and Di (from Australia) at the Nashville airport. Yes, I am pretty easy to spot on my own, but Matt's big orange truck really helped complete the vision.

We girls head straight to Paducah and of course hit Hancock's immediately!!!! Got to get warmed up for the big show!!!

Needless to say, this was not our last stop at Hancock's - we only went three times though. I think that is good for 5 days! We paced ourselves!!!!

The fun really started at the airport in Paducah. Joan "Batik" Walker just happened to be BFF with the 'Best in Show Winner' so we girls dressed in our finest and headed to the airport to surprise poor Mayria Waters as she got off the plane. And boy, what a welcome. Teresa Hasty, owner of the Moore Flats where we stayed, called Channel 6 and had them send out a camera crew! Jeez! And Batik made friends with a crw shooting a documentary, too! Ole' Batik will just talk to anyone!! We welcomed Mayria along with 2 Paducah Ambassadors (in the red coats). She probably thinks folks in the US are nuts and she may just be right!!

Once all the girls got in town, we hit a local 'pub' to watch ourselves on the local news. Yeah, thats right, we made the nightly news - at 5pm, 6pm and again at 10pm. Everyone must have seen us.

The next morning, bright and early, we all dressed in our finery and headed to the show! Yeah, we cool. . . From the top left you have Susan 'Long Arm' Riser, Dianne 'Sampler' Anderson, Betty 'Seam Ripper' Duff, Diane 'Thimbles' Berdis, Joan 'Batik' Walker, Holly 'Bobbin' Anderson, middle sitting on the steps is Helga 'Needles' Diggleman, sitting on the bottom step from the left, Jan ' Fat Quarters' Antranikian and me, Lisa 'Accucut' Throneberry. What a crew.

Jan is the Crew Chief 'cause this was all her idea and Helga is the exhibitionist 'cause she had a quilt in the show!!!

And I can just make friends anywhere. I really liked the way he was dressed!! And the next guy even wanted my hat!

And so off we go into the show. You would have thought Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson had walked in the door. Everyone had seen us on TV and wanted to take our picture. It was a hoot!!! It was kinda fun when we were all together but when I was off by myself, I just felt kinda silly. I'm not sure why. . . But I did tend to stay close to Betty. Betty and I were sitting having a sandwich and talking to a man who was waiting on his wife. After we had talked for a few minutes he asked us - are you ready for this??? - how long we had been working for the hotel!!! Betty choked on her sandwich! Someone asked Diane if she made her vest and she said, "Yes, and sewing on this vinyl is a b***h." I think we brought her over to the dark side. She seemed so sweet and innocent at guild meetings. . .

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