Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have news!!!!!

First, I will have pictures of all the Nativity tops on September 3rd and I will get them posted asap.

Second, I can now announce the name of the 2010 Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild Show to be held March 13 thru the 21st. YOU are among the very first to know!!!!

Tomorrow's Classics Today

Isn't that cool?? We will be having a special traveling exhibit again this year plus quilts made by our members and the community. And of course, a special display of all the FINISHED Nativity scenes.

If you would like to submit a quilt to be included in the show, go to www.bullochhallquiltguild.com for more info. We will have info up as soon as it is available.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Stick a fork in it! It's done! Well, not really, 'cause I need to quilt it and sew on all the embellishments but at least the piecing is done and I can move on to the next step!!! Dan helped me take off all the paper from the back last night. HATE, HATE, HATE that part. Used the foundation from Paper Panache and it was like typing paper. Betty has done hers on a tissue like paper so THAT is in my future for sure. Except that can you take out a seam 4 times when you are using the tissue paper? Ummmmm. Lots of things I would do different but don't think another one of these is in my future for a while. Stay tuned - there's sequins and bobbles and beads - OH MY!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day #25

And finally, a creche for the baby.  Yeah, bad picture but it helps hide the boo-boo.  If you look closely, the peice on the inside of the cradle doesn't have the gold flake all the way to the end.  Trying to use tiny pieces of fabric and got the selvage edge in there.  Opps!  Last piece and still making mistakes.  I love it!  But now I can start piecing the top together!  Had dinner with some of the other girls doing this project and they are all fabulous.  Will try to get pictures of them at the guild meeting in September and post them.  Each one is so different and sooooo wonderful!!!  What a cool project.

Day #23 & Day #24

Finally got to the Holy Family!  Jeez!  Thought that would never happen.  Just one more little piece and I can start sewing this sucker together. . .

Day #22

Here's a king and the really cool trunk of the palm tree.  Yes, it's kinda blue. . .   It's supposed to be that way!!!