Friday, January 29, 2010

and more from the past. . .

After a few days in the "Japanese Alps" Jan and Holly make it back to wi fi world. Why is it that all the photos you're getting are of us at a variety of airports? No, we haven't joined the Hari Krishna. It's the only place we have been able to access Internet. Should have seen us at the revolving sushi bar last night. Jan's only words were NO RAW FISH! On our way home. It's been a great trip and we have lots of stories to tell some of which we are unable to post publically. Let's just say that Jan has a photo of holly with the police! More to come, Holly.

Why does Jan's hair ALWAYS look fabulous? I think it is VERY unfair!! Lisa T

from Holly while still in Japan

Back from the land of the snow! Been up in the mountains of Nagano prefecture with Reiko, Kazako, Yoko, and Shizue. Boy, do we have some stories to tell. Visited Zenkoji Temple, home of the 1998 Olympic games. Even tried the onsen! Loved the outdoor atmosphere and the steaming hot water. That's all the info you're gonna hear about that ... At least for now. Spent some yen when the girls would let us. Coming home with a little more cash than I expected. Already have most of the touristy stuff so don't need to haul more of that home. Currently at Narita airport in the delta lounge waiting to board around 5. Funny we will get to live Friday all over. Maybe I won't screw it up too badly the second time around. See y'all soon! Holly and Jan, who are still speaking to each other, are enjoying Ken's gift of sound blocking ear phones. We've decided it's the international symbol for 'shut up, I've heard enough for now!' - Holly

We got about 3 inches of snow!

Please excuse my fasination with the snow. It is such a treat!! Especially on a weekend when all ya really have to do is stay inside and let it fall!

Three inches is BIG for middle Tennessee - but the weatherman says more's a comin'. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. I do, love, love, love the snow piled on top of the Christmas lantern. Probably ought to take that in and put it with the other Christmas stuff in the attic. Opps!

What a way to start. . .

This is a view from Holly and Jan's room in Toyko. What a way to start the trip!!!!

Inside the show

Japan news dribbles in!

I think they must be on U.S. soil and in touch with their inner WiFi! !!!! This from Jan-pan--- That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Willis!!

ANOTHER idiot in the family. . .

. . .seems to feel the need to venture out! Why Matt needs to run to get gas N-O-W is beyond me. I told him I will not be coming to get him out of the ditch and he should just call the tow truck first. He has more Throneberry in him than I thought. . .

I think we may really get some snow!!

This happened in about 5 minutes from the last picture! Growing up in Fort Lauderdale really makes this a new thing! I'm not used to this!! Two Throneberrys apparently are not smart enough to stay inside. What's the deal with going for a walk in the snow? Is that really a thing to do??

There's snow a comin', Miss Scarlett!

Yes, Miss Scarlett, there is snow in the forecast for middle Tennessee. Much like in Atlanta, no one ever believes that predicted snow will actually happen. But this time is looks like it is gonna be more, much more, than they predicted. A few days ago, it was rain south of Nashville, then it turned to a prediction of freezing rain and sleet. Now, it is looking like 4" of snow! Yippee!!!! Here's what it looks like right now! Stay tuned for weather updates!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The girls are on their way home!

Holly's husband Ken called and said the girls are at the Tokyo airport and will be winging their way towards home in about 3 hours. They will arrive back in Georgia Friday afternoon. Maybe we will get some pictures once they get on US soil!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No new news from the girls so. . .

. . . you'll have to listen to more about me! For once, I am ahead of the game and have stitched up a cute Valentine Day tote! Notice the cute X and O theme?

I have 5 more of the Valentine tablerunners done and I am glad they ARE done. I'm bored, bored, bored with them. 1 is going to my BFF in Pennsylvania, one is going to my BFF in Michigan, I'll keep one for me and I guess I better send a couple to the Japan girls 'cause they are so busy globe trotting, they haven't done anything for Valentine's Day.

I'm not sure what got in to me with the runners. I am sick of pink and red, though.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On this side of the globe

I went to sew with the Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies this morning. What a great group of women! They do ALL KINDS of charity sewing and donate beautiful, handmade items to LOTS of charities-quilts for front line military hospitals, knitted neck warmers and helmet liners for soldiers, 'aprons' for wheelchairs and walkers, hand crocheted edged blankets, flannel covers for newborns, dresses and shorts for children, children's quilts to hospitals, tons of stuff for Project Linus as well as going to that group's events and the list goes on. And that's just what I saw just today! Besides being great artisians, Virginia can cook up a mean pot of vegetable soup! It felt so good to be amongst my own kind for a few hours. Thank you ladies! You have brightened my outlook more than you know!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan-pan update. . .

We spent all day yesterday Sunday teaching and then Reiko (Shes the star of this whole show.) took us out for was as good as when Rich & Helga took Haig & me out on Buford Hwy, just a little longer drive. Today is sightseeing at some of the many temples here in Kyoto and giving a private lesson to Reiko at her house. We stopped into one of her students homes last night (Fumiko) and in this tiny Japanese home, she had about 1\3 of it for her sewing studio...we were impressed, she appears to have her priorities straight. Still having a good time, no big fights with Holly yet, but I have a few days left. Love ya, JAN

Holly and Jan have set a teaching record!!!

Holly and Jan here and getting along famously with all the help of Shizue and the rest of the girls.  Busy day of instruction and crowded exhibit.  Had a total attendance of about 1,000 people in 2 days!  Whoooha!  Had an interview with Patchwork Quilt Tsueshine (I am sure I massacured that spelling!) and a photo shoot with all of Reiko's students who were there.  She has about 70 students in all - photo with about 50 or so.  Jan and I had to laugh...This morning I got up and it is rather cold and I decided to wear my pretty red sweater.  Needless to say, you will be able to pick out the crazy american in the photo - the one in the middle with the blinding red sweater in the sea of grey and taupe!  (I might have been the only blonde, too!)  Dinner tonight with Fumiko, Reiko, Shizue and another of Reiko's students.  Was supposed to be homemade sukiyaki at Fumikos, but she's been dragging us around everywhere, so no time to cook.  Ended up at local Korean restaurant - yum!  Habatchi grilled steak and pork and of course a bowl of rice.  A glass of wine for Jan and a beer for Holly and we're about set for the night.  Touring around town tomorrow and giving Reiko a private lesson before leaving for Nagano on Tuesday.  Don't know what our internet situation will be when we get there --- but look out hot springs here we come!
Hugs to you all.  We miss you!  Holly and Jan

Saturday, January 23, 2010

a little station break. . .

I gave away a couple more Valentine pieces. One went to my favorite Realtor - she is tenacious and the ultimate professional. Thank you, Patsy, for introducing us! Without her I would have REALLY lost it! xoxox And the other went to a dear friend who is always there - no matter when, no matter what. Good to have great gals like these 2 watchin' my back! xoxox

Applique Class in Japan

Here is what Holly and Jan are 'teaching' to the Japanese girls.  This is an original design by Miss Holly Anderson herself.  The parts were cut out on the accucut machine and packaged up for the long trip.  Each flower is made up of 3 hearts and 2 half spheres.  The central yellow flower is made up of 4 smaller hearts and a whole sphere.  Then 2 leaves and a stem for each set.  Holly provided all the pieces already cut out (Me and the accucut helped out a bit.) with soft fuse already on each piece.  She included a plastic template for each piece so the girls could go home and make more and the kitincluded and nice color copy of the picture you see here.  And Holly being the overachiever that she is, put 4 of the 14' x 14' white squares in each packet so that they could have a wall hanging or tablerunner with all the same background.  Yeah, she always does more than is needed.  That's part of the reason I like her - crazy is fun to be around.  All the pieces are fused and then machine appliqued around the edges of each piece.  Really cool block.  Holly will be packaging up kits and selling them with the pattern as soon as she has a minute to rest.  lol  Actually, if you are interested, let me know now and I'll put your name on the waiting list.  Don't know when, don't know the price, but that does not stop you from getting in line. . .

McDs fries taste the same EVERYWHERE in the world!!!

The one word you don't need to know here is NO, no one says it, you never turn anything down, you are never denied any request.  Way too polite for us Yanks.  We had a great day teaching yesterday at the quilt show/flower show...they hire professional floral arrangers to add special touches all thru the show.  Lisa T, the packets are working great, esp nice touch to add the patterns along with fabric.  Thanks so much for helping us out on this one.  We are more of demonstrators, and our translators do the teaching.  But the quilters here do mostly hand work although they are very comfortable with machines, so this is really a novel idea to applique and quilt by machine.  We have another full day of working the show today.  Oh, they brought in McDonalds for us for lunch instead of sushi...I chose the teriaki pork burger over the shrimp burger.  Fries taste the same.  Off to work, Jan-San

Happy Bisday to you. .

Okay, here's the real scoop for the day...We taught from 10 am to 6 pm.  Jan ate 1/2 an apple pie.   Actually, Reiko and her students had a birthday party for me at an Italian restaurant...okay, there wasn't any spaghetti or lasagna, but it was buffet at a swanky hotel.  Jan said the eel had a mustashe, so that must count for something.  Didn't have to eat any slimy stuff tonight.  Matter of fact, they sang happy birthday to me.  Imaginge this:

Happy Bisday to you,
Happy Bisday to you,
Happy Bisday to Horry-san,
Happy Bisday to you!!

It made me cry.  Reiko, too.  Stay tuned for the continuing saga of 'Spending Yen in 2010'.

Love you guys!          Holly and Jan 

Friday, January 22, 2010

I miss their faces. . .

Ya know, it seems kinda odd to me NOT to see pics of Holly and Jan.  I kinda miss their shining faces.  I so hope we get at least one picture of Jan in a crowd of short people.  I want to see her 'outstanding' in her field!

and a note from Holly. . .

       So far we have each had a gallon or two of green tea and almost as much rice. Having a good time  and being well taken care of by all of the girls. Finally got a good cup of coffee at a coffee shop yesterday - maybe we'll make it through to another day! Teaching is different here to say the least.  Many Japanese quilters still only familiar with hand work.  Sorry for the misspelling and keyboard is yet another challenge to overcome! Hugs to everybody...wish you were here.
ps Jan's taking photos of all the food and toilets to entertain you upon our return!

Contact but NO photos!!!

Good evening America,
       Holly and Jan just survived another day here in Kyoto, being smothered by kind little Japanese ladies.   We arent, (theres no apostrophe on this computer...or it just looks like the rest of the japanese alphabet) buying anything, just regifting all the stuff they gave us everyday.  We toured the Ninjo-jo Palace, only 400 years old and still very impressive.  We also taught our first class, along with our interperter (dont think spellcheck works here either), Shizui, and it started out pretty chaotic but we finally figured out a few hand gestures and got everyone sewing.  Helped Reiko...insert the word TALL here...hang her show.  Pretty impressive group of students she has, and we finally got to see the her quilt that she and Holly both did, very different, and like a true quilter, her binding wasnt finished today either...she got some help from the girls who were hanging the quilts.
  Weve toured an Indigo dye studio, and had a traditional tea ceremony in a lovely home...feet still tingling from sitting on knees.  Foods been good, not so crazy about everything...they have a much higher tolerence to slimy than we do, havent had to spit anything out in front of a hostess yet.  Trip half over and so is the Yen.  Type to you all soon, love JANpan

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holly and Jan are spending the yen!!!

The girls are OK and helping the Japanese economy!! Yippee!!!

We have been totally confused by these stupid fancy smancy cell phones...and no wi-fi anywhere. But we have been having a great time over here in Jan-pan. Hollysans connections have all come thru for us, meeting us at airports, holding our hands on the subways and getting us thru and around Tokyo. The show has been amazing, and with 300,000 visitors, pretty packed. I did feel like I was in Oz the first day, wading thru the crowds of 4 feet tall dark haired ladies...Holly can always spot me above the fray. Hooked up with my cousin, Eileen Barkman, who we made translator for us for an afternoon. Anyway, were in Kyoto tonight at an authentic Japanese hotel...going to have to back our big American butts into the bathroom cause we cant turn around. Heard McDs has wi fi so its big macs tomorrow and a few more better emails to you all.

Love ya

I don't think I have ever looked forward to a visit to McDonalds as much as I am looking forward to this one!!! You go girls. Technology is not gonna hold you guys back!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Not Panic! Remain Calm!!!

Ok, haven't heard from Holly and Jan so that means that the plane crashed, they have forgotten about all of us or they are having issues with the phone. Yeah, talked to Ken last night and they are having issues getting on line and sending us copious notes and photos. So, they are in Japan, having a glorius time and we have no specifics. Cross your fingers that they get their technical problems solved and are in touch with us soon 'cause they got me all worked up about this trip and now I am in a bit of withdrawal. . . . .

So, to keep you all interested - here are a couple Valentine's Day tablerunners/banners/whatevers I whipped up for a couple really great people. These two went to a couple ladies who have nurtured me lately and calmed my fears and held my hand and listened to me bemoan my current circumstances. They had the right words to say and made me feel better! Thank you, girls!!!

I do have a few more in the works so stay in a holding pattern to see if you have earned a prize!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


See Jan's not the only one who can send photos! Dinner last night at Pier 39 complete with sound effects from the sea lions. Ate wonderful dungeness crab cakes! My sister and brother in law took us downtown. Walked from the pier up to Ghirdelli's square. Burned those dinner calories right off! Then, fasten your seatbelts, we drove down Lombard Street. Don't exactly know how fast we were going. Posted speed limit is 5 mph. More later! Holly

deja vu all over again

Sitting at yet another airport but adjusting to pacific time zone. A big shout out to Aussie Joan & her sister, Princess Di. We're trying to out-travel you gals in quilting adventures. Tag, you're it! Jan

Looks like the iphone was a good purchase - at least it is keeping Holly amused at airports!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

They are in San Fran. .

. . and Holly still is still enamoured with her new phone! I think she likes it better than Jan. They are meeting Holly's sister for dinner 'by the bay'. They wave a big California howdy to all their buds!

And we are off - kinda. . .

They are at the Atlanta airport. But someone thought the plane left at 12:30 when it really leaves at 2:30 - no names or initials (JAN!!!). So, Holly and Jan have been hanging in the Delta lounge, eating free pretzels and playing on their new phones. I think Jan may be VERY good, perhaps TOO GOOD at using the camera to catch Holly unawares. Teehee! Jan said she was bored and I suggested a sharpie would be fun to play with, but Holly just WOULD NOT doze off! Jeez!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before we get too carried away with Holly and Jan. . .

. . I need to share a couple of quilts that were made this Christmas.

The first one is 'Chelsea's Quilt' and is a t-shirt quilt 3 1/2 years in the making. I pieced these Sequoyah High School t-shirts with a cute dotted sashing. Did that pretty quick but then it got 'hidden' and 'ignored' and then it took the fabulous Zoe (should have 2 dots over the 'e' but can't figure out how to do that) about a mintue to longarm it on Clementine. . . Anyway, Zoe did a fabulous job (as usual). Bravo, Zoe!!!!

Zoe really got carried away with the artist inside her with the cool yellow football! I love it!!

And Judy just whiped up a couple rag quilts for her grown children! They beauty of these puppies is that she cut out the shirts and pieces and I fringed the edges on the Accucut machine BEFORE she sewed them together. No snipping for hours after the seams are sewn and no cutting your stitching line either! Just stitch and wash and throw in the dryer about 3 times.

These 2 quilts came out beautifully. She has all her 'ragging' on one side of the quilt and clean seams lines on the other. I think she used every printed part of the t-shirts and even added some badges and the like she found. Way to go, Judy! You done good.

And the journey begins. . .

. . . if Holly can get that bag zipped!!! Will it fit? The age old conflict - a woman and her suitcase! Does all the stuff on the table have to go in that bag, too? Oh, my. But knowing Holly and Jan, they will be able to figure it out - or at least try to figure out something witty to say to the airline people!!! I think currently they will be searching your underwear for explosives. Make sure your panties are clean and try not to pass gas for heaven's sake!

And speaking of trying to talk your way out of odd situations with airline officials -- This is me trying to explain to the security people that those funny shaped things in the bottom of my carry on are large spools of thread and NOT bottles of liquid. The TSA people really don't have much of a sense of humor about things at all! But it can be done, girls. Good Luck!!!!

A tiny preview. . .

Part of Holly and Jan's trip will be spent at The Internaitional Great Quilt Festival 2010. Here's that website:

As a part of this trip Holly will be showing a quilt she made and teaching some classes. The quilt design was a birthday present a year ago from one of her good Japanese friends. Holly and her friend are both making a quilt from a pattern the friend designed. The deal is that they both make this quilt and then they will be displayed together at a show while Holly is in Japan. Very cool. And of course, when Holly saw the pattern she freaked. She's been working on it on and off for a year now. I helped a little tiny bit - my and the Accucut machine cut out all the circles!! She got it machine quilted by the great Sue in South Carolina and the quilt is in a suitcase right now waiting to fly off to Japan! This is a picture of the top before it was sent to Sue. It's about 4' x 5' ish.
It is the life of a sunflower. Aren't the Japanese great? The pattern came all rolled up on gridded paper. Holly has really brought it to life and I can't wait to see what the other one looks like!!!

Big, Exciting ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Lisa Ts World is the official blogger for the "Spend the Yen in 2010" Roadtrip of two of my favorite crazies! Holly Anderson and Jan Antranikian will be hitting the road (actually the air) within 24 hours! Tick, tock, tick, tock. . .

I've never been an official blogger before! Wonder what the vacation benefits and medical plan is like? I do know that the information spreading plan is for them to "alert the media" by sending me emails and pics from their fancy new phones of everything that is going on and then I will post it to this blog. It will be almost like we are there with them without the jet lag and funny foods.

Jan is the crazy that came up with "Stash Builder Babes" for our trip to Paducah last year.
and before that, "The Chain-Piecing Gang" in Houston. She has a very vivid imagination and apparently plenty of time to think stuff up. So this trip should be another winner!! The Japanese may never be the same. Look for "Breaking News Alerts" on CNN 'cause these girls could upstage the earthquake in Haiti. We made the nightly news in Paducha, don't ya know!!!

French Braid Quilts

Just picked up a cool book called "French Braid Quilts" at my favorite shop in Murfreesboro, TN - The Quilt Connection. I'm thinkin' maybe this technique might be really cool for some table runners. We will have to see how long I spend on selecting just the right fabrics. For me, that can take longer, much longer, than the actual project. The color runs really attracted me this morning!! We'll see if I ever get further than buying the book!