Saturday, January 23, 2010

Applique Class in Japan

Here is what Holly and Jan are 'teaching' to the Japanese girls.  This is an original design by Miss Holly Anderson herself.  The parts were cut out on the accucut machine and packaged up for the long trip.  Each flower is made up of 3 hearts and 2 half spheres.  The central yellow flower is made up of 4 smaller hearts and a whole sphere.  Then 2 leaves and a stem for each set.  Holly provided all the pieces already cut out (Me and the accucut helped out a bit.) with soft fuse already on each piece.  She included a plastic template for each piece so the girls could go home and make more and the kitincluded and nice color copy of the picture you see here.  And Holly being the overachiever that she is, put 4 of the 14' x 14' white squares in each packet so that they could have a wall hanging or tablerunner with all the same background.  Yeah, she always does more than is needed.  That's part of the reason I like her - crazy is fun to be around.  All the pieces are fused and then machine appliqued around the edges of each piece.  Really cool block.  Holly will be packaging up kits and selling them with the pattern as soon as she has a minute to rest.  lol  Actually, if you are interested, let me know now and I'll put your name on the waiting list.  Don't know when, don't know the price, but that does not stop you from getting in line. . .

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