Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before we get too carried away with Holly and Jan. . .

. . I need to share a couple of quilts that were made this Christmas.

The first one is 'Chelsea's Quilt' and is a t-shirt quilt 3 1/2 years in the making. I pieced these Sequoyah High School t-shirts with a cute dotted sashing. Did that pretty quick but then it got 'hidden' and 'ignored' and then it took the fabulous Zoe (should have 2 dots over the 'e' but can't figure out how to do that) about a mintue to longarm it on Clementine. . . Anyway, Zoe did a fabulous job (as usual). Bravo, Zoe!!!!

Zoe really got carried away with the artist inside her with the cool yellow football! I love it!!

And Judy just whiped up a couple rag quilts for her grown children! They beauty of these puppies is that she cut out the shirts and pieces and I fringed the edges on the Accucut machine BEFORE she sewed them together. No snipping for hours after the seams are sewn and no cutting your stitching line either! Just stitch and wash and throw in the dryer about 3 times.

These 2 quilts came out beautifully. She has all her 'ragging' on one side of the quilt and clean seams lines on the other. I think she used every printed part of the t-shirts and even added some badges and the like she found. Way to go, Judy! You done good.

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