Friday, January 22, 2010

Contact but NO photos!!!

Good evening America,
       Holly and Jan just survived another day here in Kyoto, being smothered by kind little Japanese ladies.   We arent, (theres no apostrophe on this computer...or it just looks like the rest of the japanese alphabet) buying anything, just regifting all the stuff they gave us everyday.  We toured the Ninjo-jo Palace, only 400 years old and still very impressive.  We also taught our first class, along with our interperter (dont think spellcheck works here either), Shizui, and it started out pretty chaotic but we finally figured out a few hand gestures and got everyone sewing.  Helped Reiko...insert the word TALL here...hang her show.  Pretty impressive group of students she has, and we finally got to see the her quilt that she and Holly both did, very different, and like a true quilter, her binding wasnt finished today either...she got some help from the girls who were hanging the quilts.
  Weve toured an Indigo dye studio, and had a traditional tea ceremony in a lovely home...feet still tingling from sitting on knees.  Foods been good, not so crazy about everything...they have a much higher tolerence to slimy than we do, havent had to spit anything out in front of a hostess yet.  Trip half over and so is the Yen.  Type to you all soon, love JANpan

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