Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Not Panic! Remain Calm!!!

Ok, haven't heard from Holly and Jan so that means that the plane crashed, they have forgotten about all of us or they are having issues with the phone. Yeah, talked to Ken last night and they are having issues getting on line and sending us copious notes and photos. So, they are in Japan, having a glorius time and we have no specifics. Cross your fingers that they get their technical problems solved and are in touch with us soon 'cause they got me all worked up about this trip and now I am in a bit of withdrawal. . . . .

So, to keep you all interested - here are a couple Valentine's Day tablerunners/banners/whatevers I whipped up for a couple really great people. These two went to a couple ladies who have nurtured me lately and calmed my fears and held my hand and listened to me bemoan my current circumstances. They had the right words to say and made me feel better! Thank you, girls!!!

I do have a few more in the works so stay in a holding pattern to see if you have earned a prize!!!!

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