Friday, January 29, 2010

from Holly while still in Japan

Back from the land of the snow! Been up in the mountains of Nagano prefecture with Reiko, Kazako, Yoko, and Shizue. Boy, do we have some stories to tell. Visited Zenkoji Temple, home of the 1998 Olympic games. Even tried the onsen! Loved the outdoor atmosphere and the steaming hot water. That's all the info you're gonna hear about that ... At least for now. Spent some yen when the girls would let us. Coming home with a little more cash than I expected. Already have most of the touristy stuff so don't need to haul more of that home. Currently at Narita airport in the delta lounge waiting to board around 5. Funny we will get to live Friday all over. Maybe I won't screw it up too badly the second time around. See y'all soon! Holly and Jan, who are still speaking to each other, are enjoying Ken's gift of sound blocking ear phones. We've decided it's the international symbol for 'shut up, I've heard enough for now!' - Holly

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