Saturday, January 23, 2010

McDs fries taste the same EVERYWHERE in the world!!!

The one word you don't need to know here is NO, no one says it, you never turn anything down, you are never denied any request.  Way too polite for us Yanks.  We had a great day teaching yesterday at the quilt show/flower show...they hire professional floral arrangers to add special touches all thru the show.  Lisa T, the packets are working great, esp nice touch to add the patterns along with fabric.  Thanks so much for helping us out on this one.  We are more of demonstrators, and our translators do the teaching.  But the quilters here do mostly hand work although they are very comfortable with machines, so this is really a novel idea to applique and quilt by machine.  We have another full day of working the show today.  Oh, they brought in McDonalds for us for lunch instead of sushi...I chose the teriaki pork burger over the shrimp burger.  Fries taste the same.  Off to work, Jan-San

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