Thursday, January 14, 2010

A tiny preview. . .

Part of Holly and Jan's trip will be spent at The Internaitional Great Quilt Festival 2010. Here's that website:

As a part of this trip Holly will be showing a quilt she made and teaching some classes. The quilt design was a birthday present a year ago from one of her good Japanese friends. Holly and her friend are both making a quilt from a pattern the friend designed. The deal is that they both make this quilt and then they will be displayed together at a show while Holly is in Japan. Very cool. And of course, when Holly saw the pattern she freaked. She's been working on it on and off for a year now. I helped a little tiny bit - my and the Accucut machine cut out all the circles!! She got it machine quilted by the great Sue in South Carolina and the quilt is in a suitcase right now waiting to fly off to Japan! This is a picture of the top before it was sent to Sue. It's about 4' x 5' ish.
It is the life of a sunflower. Aren't the Japanese great? The pattern came all rolled up on gridded paper. Holly has really brought it to life and I can't wait to see what the other one looks like!!!


  1. Sorry folks I looked at the quilt (which by the way is fabulous)before reading the para below it, and I thought it was a fish with bubbles.
    Holly, please take that in gest. You've done a fantastic job! I saw it only on paper last May and I wouldn't recognise it now.