Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Bulloch Hall Quilt Show is March 13-21, 2010, Roswell, GA

Be there or be square!!!  I have been working on the program for the quilt show and the quilts sound beautiful!!!  Thought I'd share with y'all the quilts I am submitting and a shot of Betty's Nativity.  
First, Betty framed her Nativity Instead of quilting it.  Brilliant move.  This Christmas, her husband lit it up with some white lights.  Man, looks like a stained glass piece.  She was afraid he was going to set it on fire and then was struck by how cool it looked.  Bob dodged a bullet.  You go Betty!!!!
This is my Nativity.  I have hot fix crystals in the sky and on the tree trunk, beads on the camel's reins, on the road, and grass by the shepard on the left.  Will probably keep sewing on beads each year when I get it out to put it up!!  It is 37" x 26".
Storm in the Desert was made from a kit I bought on ebay.  It was pre-cut and went up really fast.  Looks more like a storm in the desert to me! I quilted it on my longarm.  39" x 50"
This is Oakland Patriot Game Plan and was made for my son, Matt, in honor of the Oakland High School 2008 State 5A Football State Champions.  Matt was one of the coaches on the team.  I gave it to Matt for his 21st birthday.  Thought I had ruined it!  Threw it in the washer so it would smell all pretty for the show and the blue ran EVERYWHERE!!!  Freaked out and then got some color catchers and washed it again.  Luckily, all the blue came out.  Can you say, "Wash the fabric before you make the quilt?"  Betty Alonsious machine quilted it for me.  She did a GREAT job!!  The girls at Sew Memorable picked out this fabric in about 15 minutes for me!  Decided to attend a Pat Wys  (Silver Thimble) workshop that was gonna be the very next morning.  Threw the pattern at the girls, told them red, white and blue and wha-la, magic!  They are GOOD.  Ran home, cut out the fabric and I was good to go.  Thank you girls!  73" x 88"
This guy is called Finger Food.  I collected all these cute snack fabrics at Paducah in 2007.  While I was sitting with Mom in her last days, I stitched up the squares.  At the guild retreat in 2008, I spread them out to see how they would go together and they were the worst sewing I had ever done!!  Seems were wobbly, edges were frayed.  It was a mess!!!  Yeah, I could have trued them up and tried to make it better but I just laughed at how much stress I must have been under and since I had them all arranged like I wanted, just sewed 'em all together and then quilted the tar out of it on the longarm.  It makes me smile.  Gave it to Matt for Christmas of 2008.  63" x 76"
Proof!!  That I Don't Piece Accurately was a laser cut kit that I bought at Paducah from Kate Flynn Nichols.  Love, love, love the laser cut kits.  BUT, I just don't have the accuracy to pull this tiny stuff off.  I do love it.  Love, love, love the quilting.  Did it on the regular sewing machine.  Have a larger kit of hers I did and plan to quilt it the same way.  Will be very cool!!!!  17" x 21"

And last but not least, Snowman Quads.  Betty and I both made this tree skirt at last year's guild retreat.  I'll post a picture of it from the quilt show and you can compare them.  Same pattern totally different skirts!  It's great.  35" x 35"
And, maybe my favorite, A Little Help From My Friends.  I found this pattern at Sew Memorable and Jan and Holly picked out the fabric to match my bedroom.  It was like having personal shoppers!  They are really good.  And Zoe Palmer machine quilted it with her fancy computer guided long arm.  Pattern is all circles and it just makes the quilt!  Thank you, Zoe!  69" x 80"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

and even more from Holly

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, we sped (faster than a speeding bullet) aboard the shinkansen with Mami Noda to the town of Kyoto, where we met up with Reiko Nakazawa and the rest of our (now newly aquired) Japanese hostesses and friends.

Reiko's Quilt entitled "Enso" which when translated incorporates all the elements of nature. Her design, and explanation to me, represents the lifecycle of a sunflower. Here's Reiko's application and fabric interpretation of her original design. Her quilt is hand pieced and appliqued.

Holly's Quilt entitled "When Heaven and Nature Sing". Reiko sent me a black and white line drawing of this quilt for my birthday in 2009. Her only instructions were for me to put my spirit and interpretation into her design, which she said was the lifecycle of a sunflower. My husband's cousin happens to grow sunflowers in a field about a mile or so from our house. My color selection was confined to and inspired by some photos of these fields that my friend had taken just the year prior. In fact, I have included some of the photos on the back and label of the quilt. The blue sky fabric contains "raindrops" and the overall quilting represents the wind that blows through the fields and spreads seeds.
I think it's funny how two people, from totally different cultures and heritage, given the same design, can come up with similar "feelings" when interpreting the design. Hmmmm....
The two artists and the quilts.Proof that we actually did teach a class. Here's Jan, using her best Japanese, teaching a student.

For our friends who just couldn't miss a zen garden, here's one from the grounds of the Nijojo Castle, home of the Nightengale floor (designed to warn the shogun of approaching enemies. Still works today!)

Update from Holly

Before heading south to Kyoto, two of my friends kidnapped us and took us on a trip to Kamakura. Here you can see the bronze Buddha, standing 13.5 meters tall. It was a beautiful day, especially for January!

Who would think that a Buddha would have windows for shoulder blades? They allow for circulation and ventilation within the structure. The Buddha used to be housed in a wooden structure. Unfortunately, the wooden structure was distroyed during a typhoon, so the Buddha has remained without cover since.

Yes, you can see the "guts" of Buddha! For an extra yen or two, you can climb a narrow staircase to the base of the inside of the bronze statue and see how he was assembled. Amazing technology, especially given the date!

And what would a trip to Japan be without sake?!
Many thanks to our abductors, Kimiko Jo and Rie Hiroshima, two of my friends who live in Tokyo, for a wonderful day. We were rarely left unattended, which is probably a good thing. Two yanks in Japan could be a bit , shall we say, um, adventurous or.....

More to come... Holly

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a word from Holly. . .

Here's the first installment from the trip. These were all taken in Tokyo.

Photo one - Proof positive that Jan tried her best to spend her yen.

Photo two - Grand Prize winner of all the quilts. The movement was incredible.

Photo three - Our favorite quilt of the show. Check out the detail.

Photo four - It's Stacy Michell! She's showing us the new Juki machine that does sashiko, and only sashiko stitch. Looks a lot like hand quilting, too!

Photo five - Our home for the first three days was way up in this hotel, Tokyo Dome Hotel.

Sorry I'm not the poetic one. Just the facts, m'am. Holly

Monday, February 1, 2010

at last. . .

Yes, we actually took photos...just wait, you will all be sick and tired of them soon, but before we force thousands of our gigabites on you, here's the trip in a nut (Jan) shell...

Day one..
We're off to see the quilt show, the wonderful show in the dome
We hear it is a wiz of a show, if ever so far from home

Day 2,
We're off to see the Buddha, the wonderful Buddha of green,
We must admit, with his insides lit, he's the biggest one we've seen.

Day 3,
We're off to see the quilt show, again the show in the dome,
We Bento boxed, not bagels and lox, just couldn't eat fish foam.

Day 4,
We're off to see the blue man, the Indigo man of Japan,
He dyes his feet, and even eats the bluest herb of the land.

Day 5,
We're off to see some castle, the wonderful castle of old
They were built when we were still silt, just look at all that gold.

Day 6,
We're off to work the quilt show, the wonderful show in Kyoto
We taught to sew those who know, a good opt for a photo

Day 7
We're off to work the quilt show, the wonderful show with our quilts
We taught and bought and sometime fought over how these quilts should tilt

Day 8
We're off the hook from the quilt show, the wonderful show in Japan
Reiko smiles and Holly's whiles, still faking it with her hand

Day 9,
We're off to see the country, the wonderful country of Zen
We headed North, put chopsticks forth and ended up with friends

Day 10,
We're high up in the mountains, the wonderful mountains of snow
We did some things, had a dip in the springs all in the buff, you know.

Day 11,
We will not eat the sushi, the wonderful sushi so fresh
It makes us gag, or barf in the bag, the fish and us don't mesh

Day 12,
We're off to get arrested, the wonderful cops and the jail.
Too bad it's so blurry, had to take in a hurry then hustle out the bail.

(Can't top a good "cease and desist" photo to wrap this puppy up...we had way too much fun to expose in a public forum. Thanks Lisa T's World for sticking with us and making up junk, love Jan & Holly)