Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Bulloch Hall Quilt Show is March 13-21, 2010, Roswell, GA

Be there or be square!!!  I have been working on the program for the quilt show and the quilts sound beautiful!!!  Thought I'd share with y'all the quilts I am submitting and a shot of Betty's Nativity.  
First, Betty framed her Nativity Instead of quilting it.  Brilliant move.  This Christmas, her husband lit it up with some white lights.  Man, looks like a stained glass piece.  She was afraid he was going to set it on fire and then was struck by how cool it looked.  Bob dodged a bullet.  You go Betty!!!!
This is my Nativity.  I have hot fix crystals in the sky and on the tree trunk, beads on the camel's reins, on the road, and grass by the shepard on the left.  Will probably keep sewing on beads each year when I get it out to put it up!!  It is 37" x 26".
Storm in the Desert was made from a kit I bought on ebay.  It was pre-cut and went up really fast.  Looks more like a storm in the desert to me! I quilted it on my longarm.  39" x 50"
This is Oakland Patriot Game Plan and was made for my son, Matt, in honor of the Oakland High School 2008 State 5A Football State Champions.  Matt was one of the coaches on the team.  I gave it to Matt for his 21st birthday.  Thought I had ruined it!  Threw it in the washer so it would smell all pretty for the show and the blue ran EVERYWHERE!!!  Freaked out and then got some color catchers and washed it again.  Luckily, all the blue came out.  Can you say, "Wash the fabric before you make the quilt?"  Betty Alonsious machine quilted it for me.  She did a GREAT job!!  The girls at Sew Memorable picked out this fabric in about 15 minutes for me!  Decided to attend a Pat Wys  (Silver Thimble) workshop that was gonna be the very next morning.  Threw the pattern at the girls, told them red, white and blue and wha-la, magic!  They are GOOD.  Ran home, cut out the fabric and I was good to go.  Thank you girls!  73" x 88"
This guy is called Finger Food.  I collected all these cute snack fabrics at Paducah in 2007.  While I was sitting with Mom in her last days, I stitched up the squares.  At the guild retreat in 2008, I spread them out to see how they would go together and they were the worst sewing I had ever done!!  Seems were wobbly, edges were frayed.  It was a mess!!!  Yeah, I could have trued them up and tried to make it better but I just laughed at how much stress I must have been under and since I had them all arranged like I wanted, just sewed 'em all together and then quilted the tar out of it on the longarm.  It makes me smile.  Gave it to Matt for Christmas of 2008.  63" x 76"
Proof!!  That I Don't Piece Accurately was a laser cut kit that I bought at Paducah from Kate Flynn Nichols.  Love, love, love the laser cut kits.  BUT, I just don't have the accuracy to pull this tiny stuff off.  I do love it.  Love, love, love the quilting.  Did it on the regular sewing machine.  Have a larger kit of hers I did and plan to quilt it the same way.  Will be very cool!!!!  17" x 21"

And last but not least, Snowman Quads.  Betty and I both made this tree skirt at last year's guild retreat.  I'll post a picture of it from the quilt show and you can compare them.  Same pattern totally different skirts!  It's great.  35" x 35"
And, maybe my favorite, A Little Help From My Friends.  I found this pattern at Sew Memorable and Jan and Holly picked out the fabric to match my bedroom.  It was like having personal shoppers!  They are really good.  And Zoe Palmer machine quilted it with her fancy computer guided long arm.  Pattern is all circles and it just makes the quilt!  Thank you, Zoe!  69" x 80"

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