Monday, February 1, 2010

at last. . .

Yes, we actually took photos...just wait, you will all be sick and tired of them soon, but before we force thousands of our gigabites on you, here's the trip in a nut (Jan) shell...

Day one..
We're off to see the quilt show, the wonderful show in the dome
We hear it is a wiz of a show, if ever so far from home

Day 2,
We're off to see the Buddha, the wonderful Buddha of green,
We must admit, with his insides lit, he's the biggest one we've seen.

Day 3,
We're off to see the quilt show, again the show in the dome,
We Bento boxed, not bagels and lox, just couldn't eat fish foam.

Day 4,
We're off to see the blue man, the Indigo man of Japan,
He dyes his feet, and even eats the bluest herb of the land.

Day 5,
We're off to see some castle, the wonderful castle of old
They were built when we were still silt, just look at all that gold.

Day 6,
We're off to work the quilt show, the wonderful show in Kyoto
We taught to sew those who know, a good opt for a photo

Day 7
We're off to work the quilt show, the wonderful show with our quilts
We taught and bought and sometime fought over how these quilts should tilt

Day 8
We're off the hook from the quilt show, the wonderful show in Japan
Reiko smiles and Holly's whiles, still faking it with her hand

Day 9,
We're off to see the country, the wonderful country of Zen
We headed North, put chopsticks forth and ended up with friends

Day 10,
We're high up in the mountains, the wonderful mountains of snow
We did some things, had a dip in the springs all in the buff, you know.

Day 11,
We will not eat the sushi, the wonderful sushi so fresh
It makes us gag, or barf in the bag, the fish and us don't mesh

Day 12,
We're off to get arrested, the wonderful cops and the jail.
Too bad it's so blurry, had to take in a hurry then hustle out the bail.

(Can't top a good "cease and desist" photo to wrap this puppy up...we had way too much fun to expose in a public forum. Thanks Lisa T's World for sticking with us and making up junk, love Jan & Holly)