Friday, March 26, 2010

Look what Betty did!

Speaking of Spring, look what Betty just whipped up.  I think we have a paper piecing monster in our hands.  Betty and I found this cute display rack on our trip to Atlanta last month.  Why did I not get one?  Guess I will call Sweet Home Quilt Co. in Conyers, GA and have them send one along to me. . . .  I can't be left out of this stuff!  So, the display rack holds a piece about 8" x 11" and can be changed out for the seasons, or the months, or the days...  Well, you get it. . .  The flowers are a Cindi Edgerton paper piecing pattern called "Simply Flowers".  Ol' Betty just whipped up a couple zinnias, put a cute jelly bean border around them and there ya go - Easter AND Spring!  You are so smart, Betty!!!

Spring has sprung in Middle Tennessee!!

I am thinking winter is over but the folks around here say we will no doubt get a freeze at the end of April.  That's ok with me!  I'll take some sunshine and warm days now for sure.  If winter is not over, the daffodils didn't get the message.

I'm not sure I planted any of these tiny daffodil bulbs but I have two bunches popping up.  They are so delicate!!

And, the tulips may have survived.  I don't have hopes that they will be as beautiful as last year, but I will wait and see.  At least they are shooting up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bulloch Hall Quilt Show is a roaring success!

The quilt show is officially over for another year!  Jan did a tremendous job of keeping all the puppies in the basket and the entire guild should be very proud of this years show.  We were lucky enough to have Mary Kerr on site and every hour or so she talked about the Vintage Revisited collection that was on loan to us for this show.  It was fabulous!  Her sister made a video and posted it on utube so you can get a little taste of what you missed.  Mary Kerr Gallery Tour  The whole house comes alive during quilt show.  The quilts make the house sing!!!  If you would like a cd of the quilts in this years show, you can order one at Quilt Show CD

Project Linus

Went to my first Project Linus "Blanket Day" last Saturday.  What a nest of busy folks.  About 130 people completed more than 300 blankets for distribution in the Middle Tennessee area.  The youngest helper was about 5, with men, women, boys and girls all pitching in.  The coordinator brought a trailer full of fabric filled totes, people serged flannel NICU coverlets, pieced tops, tied quilts, crocheted edges on fleece, cut and tied knots on the edges of flannel, made top/batting/backing sandwiches, knitted, sewed on labels and helped to set up and take down everything.  It was a FULL DAY.  RJ and Jill worked like slaves and made a lot of things happen.  the more I see the Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies in action, the more I am in awe of the selfless acts of charity.  You go girls!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies

The Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild in Georgia caused a feeding frenzy today at the charity sewing group!  It was like Christmas!  The Guild members loaded up my car at last Thursday's meeting and sent a ton of 'I am so over this' fabrics and patterns and trim and yarn and just tons of other stuff to the girls in Tennessee.  These are just a few of the girls - lots of the members seemed to hide when the camera came out!!!

Most of the upholstery and corduroy fabric never made it in the building!  It was nabbed and loaded into cars right in the parking lot.  It will be used to make walker and wheelchair caddies for the Veterans Hospital.

The yarn and knitting needles were snatched up to.  They will go to the group that knits for the military and for the children's hospital.  Christmas fabric will be used for stocking for the military.  Novelty fabrics will be used for 'I Spy' quilts for toddlers in the hospital.  Red, white and blues will be used for military quilts for the frontline hospitals. Flannel went to the group that does little blankets for the neo-natal unit at the local hospital.  Baticks and calicos and trims went to the group that is making little dresses for the children in Haiti.  Yardage went for project Linus and was used as backings today to get ready for a sewing day on March 20th where more than 150 volunteers will need advising.  Embroidery floss went to the girls tieing quilts.  Found a couple thimbles that were used today and ribbon went to everyone. 

Now, RJ and Jill did wonder what kind of women made quilts in Georgia. . .
Seems they are just not that glitz-y in Middle Tennessee!  But, they even found a need for this sparkly piece of heaven!!  I didn't ask. . .

From the Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies to the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild --  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We appreciate each and every donation and promise NOTHING will go to waste!  xoxox

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paper Panache Mystery #54

Ever since the Paper Panache Nativity, I am in love with paper piecing.  Yeah, hate tearing off the paper but love, love, love the technique.  Paper Panache has a mystery block every so often.  Linda posts the mystery, gives you a suggested color palette and you are on your own!  When you get done, you send her a picture of the finished block.  If you are among the first solvers, she posts your image on her website and sometimes you get a prize!  Mystery #54 was the first one I did and I got a free pattern!  Wow!  How cool is that?  I had Dan pick the fabrics using the color chart so I wouldn't fret over the choices.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  I have already done #55 but I won't post the solution until Linda does.  Check her out at  She has some really beautiful patterns!!!

Block #1 of Harvest Home

Well, I really should say, this was what was in the bag as block one.  Yes, it is a block but I have looked ahead and 'Block #2' is a bunch of flying geese and setting triangles.  Poo!  I guess I expected a few more blocks before we got to the trenches.  Lord knows when I will tackle those flying geese.  I am trying to be a good girl and do this in order and not jump on to one of the other blocks!  Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is coming!!

Now I have proof!!  Just found a tulip coming up in a pot on the deck!  My BFF Louise sent me and BFF Betty some bulbs.  We three went to visit Holland, Michigan and Louise, thoughtful as she always is, send us both bulbs.  I put mine in two big pots and had beautiful yellow tulips last spring.  I was nervous that they hadn't made it thru the winter cause I left them out on the deck and didn't protect them at all.  Well at least one little guy has made it!  I'll keep ya posted as they develop.

Harvest Home BOM

I'm gonna start this Harvest Home BOM kit I bought.  Who knows how long ago I bought it but I do know it came from Quilting Possibilities in New Jersey 'cause that's how I found THEM!  What a lucky find, too!
I did buy the finishing kit and the backing so I am good to go.  Saw this finished in Houston one year and it is beautiful!!  We will see how mine turns out.  I'll post the blocks as I get them done.  Of course, it goes without saying, this could be a ten year project!!!!!