Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Linus

Went to my first Project Linus "Blanket Day" last Saturday.  What a nest of busy folks.  About 130 people completed more than 300 blankets for distribution in the Middle Tennessee area.  The youngest helper was about 5, with men, women, boys and girls all pitching in.  The coordinator brought a trailer full of fabric filled totes, people serged flannel NICU coverlets, pieced tops, tied quilts, crocheted edges on fleece, cut and tied knots on the edges of flannel, made top/batting/backing sandwiches, knitted, sewed on labels and helped to set up and take down everything.  It was a FULL DAY.  RJ and Jill worked like slaves and made a lot of things happen.  the more I see the Murfreesboro Sewing Ladies in action, the more I am in awe of the selfless acts of charity.  You go girls!!!!

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