Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pin Quilts

While Betty and I were at my husband's family reunion - cabins by the lake, family dinners, lots of kids running in and out and slamming doors - we worked on a project we had been talking about for years.  Every time Betty and Louise and I go somewhere together, we find a pin to remember that trip.  I have a list of everything on the computer, too.  We made these pin quilts to display our collection.  And then since Louise was not with us and she needed one too, so I took care of that for her!!!  They have all just turned out great!  What fun!!  And Betty and I found the cute hangers at the quilt show in Knoxville.  Betty's is first, then mine and then Louise's.  It will be in the mail to her on Monday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fireworks in Nashville 4th of July 2010

Danielle just emailed me video she shot with her iphone on the Fourth of July.  This is just 5 minutes of about a 30 minute show.  Nashville went all out this year!  We we on the roof of her 6 floor office building about 3 blocks from the river.  The music is coming from the roof a near by 5 story building. They had a tent, a guy playing a guitar, huge speakers!  We carried our camping chairs and cooler up a wooden ladder to Danielle's roof.  Thought we might be alone up there but it turned out about 75 others climbed on up!  I was a great night.  Happy Birthday, America.  And God Bless the USA!!