Monday, August 9, 2010


I have finally come to realize that I don't like to finish things - books, quilts, projects of any kind.  But in the last few weeks, something has compelled me to wrap up some needlework projects that have been around for years.  And I actually finished one that I started a couple months ago - but I have had it for about 10 years.  Oh, well, better late that never.  And I have a few more in the works that I am bound and determined to finish!!  I'll post those when it happens!

These three needlepoint pieces have been in my travel bag for at least 15 years.  No joke!  All my friends are familiar with them because when ever we go on a road trip, I'll pull these out and stitch a bit.  They are painted needlepoint canvas dont in yarn.  Not my favorite but they do look cool.  Also have a sun and moon sampler about 80% done.  Got to finish that puppy.

Well, I got them out and it took me all of 45 minutes to finish all three.  Jeez!  What is my problem??

These guys are all 5" x 5".  Of course, the frames I found on half price at Hobby Lobby were 6" x 6".  I sewed a black matting on each one and boom, we are done!  Got all my sun and moon stuff going up in the laundry room.  A picture will follow when ever that happens.  Maybe I am not really finishing anything up!  Maybe I am still in the process.  Oh, that makes me sad.

And I have had this project in my head and in my cross stitch cabinets forever.  I really don't even remember when I got it!  But, it matches the fabric I have used in the kitchen in the last 3 houses and it is gonna get done for this kitchen!  I need to back it and bind it.  Yeah, so it really isn't done, is it??  It is stitched on 14 count Aida Cloth with 2 strands of floss. 

Having a table set up in the living room with a project on it really helps.  Whenever I need some calming down, I plop in the chair and stitch a bit.  The books on CD are probably not a good thing in the big picture but man are they helping me get a lot of stitching done. Stitching is also a great defense for the nightly FOX News watching.  Bill O'Reilly isn't all that bad if I have a needle in my hand!


  1. Lisa the grapes are stunning! After talking with you the other night I pulled out my halloween hat cross stitch and try to work on that a bit each night. I'll soon have pics of my finished quilt and the progress of the others to you. Da__ glad the leaaves and acorns are done along with the sun and moon theme! Guess I will follow suit and frame or mount my 95% finished projects.

  2. Beautiful, Lisa. Must have taken a bit of time to complete the x-stitch.