Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quilling 101

Yes, no 't' in there this time - paper quilling - not quilting.  Had the best time with Carol yesterday.  I taught a Quilling 101 class at JoAnn.  Carol was the only 'student' so she and I just had a good ole time.  She is a cake decorator and has the fabulous idea of using quilling designs on her cakes.  This is an inspired idea and I can't wait to see some picutres - hint, hint Carol!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Quilters!!!!

I had the best time this morning.  I taught Quilting 101 at JoAnn Fabrics and worked with some really talented girls!!!  They are beginners so, bless their hearts, it took us forever to make this block but there is a lot to learn when you are just starting out!  These ladies will have no problem at all becoming accomplished quilters.  They were very attentive and unafraid.  That makes for a great artisan!!!!

 I love the colors they chose to work with, too.  All the same block but each one will be totally different when completed.  They each worked on completing a 'Hole is the Barn Door' block.  It consists of 4 rail fence squares and 4 half square triangles and a center block.  I told them if they never made another pattern that these 2 designs are so versatile, they could make quilts for ever and not make the same design.

Mindy worked with three shades of blue.  Very traditional fabrics and color scheme.  Gonna be really nice with the dark blue circling around the block.
Jane worked with soft, traditional fabrics, too.  The small floral patterns really play off each other.  The light fabric is gonna frame out the block really nicely.
Mare choose very soft, traditional fabrics.  The blue is so nice in this block.  It really gives the eye a place to rest.  And I love the floral fabric.  The plain blue against the busy floral gives this block has a nice depth,
Millie was the bravest in the group and grabbed bright, crisp colors off the shelf.  I love the way the purple and pink give this block such movement!!!  It really is a nice contrast against the plain purple and the floral-y background.

Nice job ladies!  You all mastered some really hard skills and did a great job!!!  The workshop was a success - everyone seemed to enjoy the time spent and no one cried.  And you put up with me for the whole morning!  Nicely done!!!!  Hopefully Mindy and Jane will share their finished blocks with us really soon.  When you get 'em done, girls, email me the pictures!!!!