Saturday, October 30, 2010

I don't like surprises. . .

. . . and I don't like people doing things behind my back.  But this time is the exception!!!  Look what Holly, Jan, Cody Anne and Betty did to celebrate my new job!  They just had to brighten up the cubicle walls and, boy, did they!!!

Cody Anne found this great collection of Maxine fabrics at Keepsake Quilting.  She gave it to Holly as a thank you for a recent girl's weekend at Holly's beach house.  (I just usually kiss Holly's feet. . .)  Well, I thought it was just the cutest fabric and vowed to get some of it myself when I got my first paycheck.  The girls beat me to the punch!!!!

Cody Anne made the perfect block to hang for New Year's.  Overachiever that she is - she made her block reversible, so when the tee-totaler boss passes by, I can switch it up to show my name.  Very cleaver, Cody Anne.  I can tell what kind of office you work in!  It should also be noted that in true quilter tradition - she did not sew the buttons - but glued them!!!  Nicely done!  xoxox

Holly knows my inner soul a little bit too well - enough of the chicken soup already! And she has my office pegged - all we do is eat!  I feel right at home.  The green border is out of fabric she used on her Japanese Sunflower Quilt.  Can anyone say 'AAAAAHHHH'.  I love it!  The back is done in 'blah, blah, blah' fabric and has a little note saying "No fabrics were harmed nor new strips cut during the creation of this project . . . blah, blah, blah."  What a hoot!!  oxoxox

Jan, of course, added ant fabric and even has an ant eater in her block!  How cute!!!  And I'm not sure what strings she had to pull, but she got the word bubble fabric - rock, sissors, paper just had to be involved.  You rock, Jan.  lol  xoxox

 Betty got the perfect Maxine saying for our office - "Talk is cheap".  Yeah, love the pink feather-y flamingo fabric and the black and white binding you stole from Holly's stash, and the fabric we bought together in Holland, Michigan, but you have been holding out on us with your newly learned satin stitching technique!  I thought when I first looked at the block you had done a teeny-tiny inner border!  Oh, and I do love the variegated thread!!! What else you holdin' out on us, Betty??? The whole block is great and I really like the way you machine quilted it.  You are in the over achiever club, too. xoxox

Well, girls, you did not make me cry but you have made me feel very loved and cared for and I will think of you every day as you brighten up my gray cubicle and my heart!  xoxox


  1. Holly, Jan, Betty & Cody Anne, These blocks are fantastic. I think if you're not careful there won't be room in Lisa's cubicle for LISA!!

  2. You have some great friends :)