Sunday, October 31, 2010

Look what Betty FINISHED!

Even though a project has been in your hands for years, it is always time to celebrate when it is DONE!  And look what busy little Betty has been doing BESIDES keeping secrets!

Betty has had this little Halloween triptic partially made for a while. When we were together in October, she finished the applique, sewed on the buttons and binding and of course I made her add glitter!! The tree branches are couched metallic thread. These are so darling! And done in time for Halloween, too!

Also, in October, we both made this cute Haunted House.  Mine is at work so I'll post the pic Monday night.  We bought this Cyndi Edgerton pattern years ago at a show.  I love her site but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shopping in her booth at a show.  I just want one of everything and Betty and I are working on making that happen!  lol  It went up so quick and I love the way Cyndi does her patterns - she prints them on tissue paper and gives you enough to make several projects.  I have always done paper piecing on regular printer paper and this was the first time I have used a tissue paper foundation.  I am a convert!  It was a lot stronger than I thought and did not tear easily while working with it and it was soft enough on the back that we just left it in the piece!

The next two cross stitch projects were bought MANY years ago!!!!  We found these cute EXPENSIVE kits at a little store in Helen, Georgia.  Betty fell in love with the clay buttons and bought several.  Well, she is finally done with two of them!  Bought some frames at Hobby Lobby and wha laa - she is ready to go!  I just love the black frame with the crystals.  It is perfect for this piece!!!

 And what do you know, she is actually a head of time with this little snowman!!  It did get cold in Michigan this weekend, but snow is not in the forecast!!  The frame just makes the piece with it's swirly, windy design.  Very well done, Betty, and you are done with this one way BEFORE time.  What's the deal with that?

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