Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilting 202 - Down and Dirty!

My little students are doing so well!  We started sewing this week and boy are these girls good!  Diane is marking a diagonal line on her 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" squares that she will sew onto 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" rectangles to make flying geese.

Donna is checking out the measurement of her middle block.  She is doing so well.  Check out the 'spider' under the presser foot of her sewing machine.  What a good listener!
Millie is clearly the teacher's pet - this week at any rate.  She cut out all her fabric pieces, put each shape in a ziplock bag and labeled them with the block size and fabric type.  All of this project is contained in a wicker basket and she has even laid the big ruler on top of the basket to make a shelf to lay components on as she sews.  I love it!!! Organization rules!
Mille may lose her teacher's pet status because I just noticed that she DOES NOT have her spider under the presser foot of her machine.  But then she does win extra points because she has her fingers well away from the rotary cutter blade as she trims her flying geese blocks.
I swear I took a picture of Mare, but it is not on the camera.  What's the deal with that?  Sorry Mare.  I'll take 2 pictures of you next week!!!

If possible, have all of the flying geese and square in a square blocks sewn, pressed and trimmed.  If you do, you will get a gold star.  If life gets in your way - don't worry about it. It's all good.  Do make the decision of what your finished project will look like and draw up a diagram.  Then we will know how many of each components you need to finish your project!  Extras are practice ones that can be made into pillows, wall hangings, valances and used in other projects.  Girls, call me if you have questions!  See ya next Wednesday!  xoxox