Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quilting 202 - The Long and Winding Road

Ok, sometimes when you make something, the learning curve is just a bit steeper than other times.  And some times the project seems terribly daunting.  So, you just have to make up your mind and sew!  No more choices, no more cutting and organizing, just pushing fabric thru the machine - one piece after another til you think you and gonna scream.  But then, the quilt begins to come to life - you can see what it's personality will be and the quilt starts to 'become'.  Enough of the heavy stuff.  Let's get to pictures!  Well, I was so happy with everyone today, I ended up taking only one lonely little picture - but it is a winner!  Look what Donna did!!!!! I love the smile on her face!  This is what quilting is all about - it is not about cutting the fabric right or sewing the perfect 1/4" seam or making all your points match - it is the pure delight of putting the pieces together and feeling the joy!  Donna is working on this piece as a gift for a dear friend.

Her friend went to see PAUL and still had the ticket stub on her frig.  Donna took a picture of that very ticket to include in this wall hanging.  She even used her embroidery machine to embroider "All my loving".  Can you just imagine her friend's heart when she receives this?  It will overflow for sure!!! You go Donna!  And the smile on your face today was priceless!  xoxox

Class update:
*Donna will be adding a small purple inner border and then a wider outer border to this top.  She is going to do decorative 'big stitch" in purple to quilt it.  She got a gold star today for being the over achiever and having some of her blocks sewn together.  That's the little star on her left shoulder.
*Diane never did get her one fabric in, so she broke down and chose another one and it is a beauty!!!  She is making a square wallhanging/small throw.  She got a gold star for not waiting any more for her original fabric and just jumping in and gettin' it done!!!!
*Mare got a gold star today for not using the rust fabric for her Serene Shores and going with the blue.  Wait till you see it!  Her quilt is gonna be like a nice cool day at the beach with a gentle breeze blowing thru the trees. . .  I really should say two quilts though.  Mare is making 2 twin size tops out of this class.
*And class pet Millie gets a gold star because she had to put her sewing machine in the shop.  Now would a little thing like that stop her from her mission?  Not Millie!!!  She bought a new machine.  I love that in a woman!!  Millie is making a king size quilt (It really measures out as a generous queen.)
So next week we will hopefully see completed tops or at least a portion there of.  It will be our last class of this series and I am gonna miss these girls!  They are just too sweet!

Sew together all your components and if the stars are aligned correctly (the ones in the heavens, not your quilt), have the entire top sewn together.  We will talk about adding the borders, quilting your project, binding your quilt and labels.  Plan on getting as much sewing done at home as you can girls, because we have lots to go over and lots to practice in class!  And then there is that big presentation ceremony with the mimosas when you all present me the tickets to that cruise you are sending me on. . .