Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quilting 202 - Serene Shores

I have just had one of the best mornings I have had in a long while!  Started teaching a quilt class at JoAnn and have the greatest ladies in the class.  I am so excited about their projects!  This class will meet each Wednesday for four total times.  I think it is inhumane to make these poor girls put up with me for 12 hours but they signed up for the class and bought the fabric so here we go!!!

Today we talked about the whole project and everyone decided how their individual project would deviate from the sample.  Every one of us is a practiced deviater so it was easy.  We did some planning, drew some pictures and cut some fabric.  We will attack the machines next week with some heavy duty chain piecing!! 

The class project is a KING SIZE quilt made from the fabrics above.  Of course we are not going to follow the rules!  I made the class sample as a wall hanging or throw.  Everyone is doing something different but we will all be making the the same block and learn to use the same techinques.  That should work out ok, don't ya think??

From left to right:
Diane is making a quilt using this pattern, but with different fabrics.  She selected a beautiful oriental fabric and then took her color cues from there.  She is not sure how big it will be but that is not a real issue for now!  We will just make a bunch of blocks and see how they demand to be stitched together.  If we have some left over - PILLOWS!!!

Mare is working with the Serene Shores fabric but is using a really pretty blue speckle print instead of the rust.  It is going to be so lovely!!!  I think the blue will really pull out the blue of the scenic fabric.  She is probably going to get two throw size quilts out of this class!  How cool is that???

Donna has just thrown a monkey wrench in everything.  (I think she is the class trouble maker but will wait til next week to decide - the other three have great potential!!)  She is making a wall hanging with black and white Beatles novelty fabric and using photos printed on transfer paper for the scenic fabric.  She is going to throw in a sassy purple blender to equalize her photos and then maybe an inner border with the same fabric.  We will have to wait and see what the quilt tells us to do!!!

Mille is using the Serene Shores fabric but choose a sailboat print instead of the scenic fabric.  I think it will be lovely.  Again, the blue is gonna pull from the sides!  I like the sailboats and the lighthouses together.

I feel so blessed.  Each one of the ladies is really so sweet and I will so enjoy hanging with them.  Hope they feel the same about me - or lie very believably. . .

Stay tuned - progress photos next week!

Cut all your fabric, label it for size and/or placement, draw the lines from corner to corner on the 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" squares for the flying geese and the square in a square.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO DRAW ANY LINES ON THE DUNE GRASS SQUARES!!!  But if you do, it will be good practice, so don't sweat it.  Have fun, be safe and slow with the rotary cutter and don't cry!!!  If you have any questions CALL ME!   See ya next Wednesday!!!!  xoxox


  1. I am in this class in Ohio and I am looking for the Serene Shores Scenic print; can you help me?

  2. I paid for the class (Joann's), then had trouble obtaining fabric - it was sent from several stores, then the instructor quit and there was no one to teach the class. This was to be my 1st quilt - I have all the fabric. Can you share the pattern with me? Is it in a book I can purchase? Please help! :-)

  3. I have taken the course. I love the pattern. It is easier then I thought it would be.