Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quilting 202 - And then there was one!

A new Serene Shores Quilting 202 class started this week.  We will meet 3 more times.  And, I have just one student!  Bless her heart - there is no one to share me with - she has to put up with only me!!!  Well, if anyone can handle it - Diane can!!!
 It looks like we have made a mess out of her fabric but we 'fussy cut' trucks and planes out to be highlighted in the middle of some of her blocks.  This is going to be the Serene Shores pattern, but she is using novelty fabrics for her grandson.  I am so excited about this quilt.  It is going to take on a life of it's own as it comes together.  With Diane being the only one in class, we just might get this puppy done in time for Christmas - THIS YEAR!!!
In today's class, we got most of the fabric get out, bagged and labeled.  We were lucky enough to meet before class and get all the big placement decisions made and fabric selections made.  She washed, starched and pressed all her fabric before class.  We did a lot of work today, too.  She is a natural with the rotary cutter - only made me nervous twice!  That's a record!

Cut the navy print fabric into 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" squares.
Play with the color layouts to see if maybe we can use red for the inner border.
Get ready to sew!  We will hit the ground running next week and see how many of these blocks we can get done.

Remember, quilting is just cutting, pressing and sewing.  You will learn a smorgasbord of techniques but they will all fall in one of these topics.

Charity Quilts

The Murfeesboro Sewing Ladies are at it again - or more to the point - Denni has been busy!  Look at all these wonderful quilts she finished.  They are delightful!!! 

These fabulous quilts are warming the hearts and the tootsies of children in the area by this time.  How wonderful to see a talented woman share her gifts with children in need.  You are indeed an inspiration to us.  And you have inspired me to pop some of the blocks I have laying around in the studio into a quilt top and get it to a child!  Doesn't do any good laying around in the studio at all!!

And Doris brought in a CAR LOAD of quilts and throws.

Can't you see the smiles these funny Halloween panels will create!  How fun!!
 Jill helped unload Doris's car.  These throws are made of fleece and then hand crocheted all around the edges.  They are very popular at the VA hospital and in local nursing homes.  They are very light but really warm and cozy.  They are very easy to toss in the washer, too.  My, my, my, Doris!  You have been busy!!!!

Quilting 101 Class

I'm a bit late in posting these pics of the recent Quilting 101 students.  Sorry about that ladies - better late than never!  Look at Kristen's wonderful block!
She had never sewn with a sewing machine and wasn't scared a bit!  She is a natural!  Look at the placement of her hands on the machine bed.  She fed the fabric thru like an old pro.
Kristen is learning to quilt to honor her Grandmother who was quite the quilter.  Grandma has passed and Kristen is taking up where she left off.  Kristen is going to hand piece her blocks and then hand quilt them.  She has a beautiful hand stitch and is very patient and organized with her work.  She has a boatload of projects planned and is well on her way to being a quilter.  I am sure Grandma is pleased.  You know how us quilters are!!!

Darise picked really pretty fabrics for her block.  We had a great time putting this one together.  Her fabric selection really worked well.  She did very well keeping a consistent 1/4" seamline.  She has a lot of quilting in her future!  Very well done, Darise!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little late for Halloween. . .

. . . but I am finally getting around to posting the picture of my Haunted House!
It is a Cindi Edgerton tissue paper piecing pattern.  Of course I had to add a bit of glitter!!!  Happy belated Halloween.  I'm working on the Thanksgiving surprise NOW.  We'll see if it can be posted by turkey day!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Helpful Quiltmaking Links

I promised my students I would post some links about finishing their quilts.  We practiced applying a binding and free motion quilting but it helps to have the instructions (or better yet-a video) right in front of you!  Hope these help girls!

Click here for tips on how to achieve that perfect quarter of an inch!!!!

Click here for the directions and math of making half-square triangles.  Remember, I suggest cutting the squares LARGER and trimming down to the correct size!!!

Click here for great instructions for applying a quilt binding.  I prefer the mitered one.  I think THAT one is easier!!!!  Click here for a video of someone actually doing it!!

Click here or here or here for some tips on free motion quilting.

Happy quilting!!!