Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charity Quilts

The Murfeesboro Sewing Ladies are at it again - or more to the point - Denni has been busy!  Look at all these wonderful quilts she finished.  They are delightful!!! 

These fabulous quilts are warming the hearts and the tootsies of children in the area by this time.  How wonderful to see a talented woman share her gifts with children in need.  You are indeed an inspiration to us.  And you have inspired me to pop some of the blocks I have laying around in the studio into a quilt top and get it to a child!  Doesn't do any good laying around in the studio at all!!

And Doris brought in a CAR LOAD of quilts and throws.

Can't you see the smiles these funny Halloween panels will create!  How fun!!
 Jill helped unload Doris's car.  These throws are made of fleece and then hand crocheted all around the edges.  They are very popular at the VA hospital and in local nursing homes.  They are very light but really warm and cozy.  They are very easy to toss in the washer, too.  My, my, my, Doris!  You have been busy!!!!