Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quilting 101 Class

I'm a bit late in posting these pics of the recent Quilting 101 students.  Sorry about that ladies - better late than never!  Look at Kristen's wonderful block!
She had never sewn with a sewing machine and wasn't scared a bit!  She is a natural!  Look at the placement of her hands on the machine bed.  She fed the fabric thru like an old pro.
Kristen is learning to quilt to honor her Grandmother who was quite the quilter.  Grandma has passed and Kristen is taking up where she left off.  Kristen is going to hand piece her blocks and then hand quilt them.  She has a beautiful hand stitch and is very patient and organized with her work.  She has a boatload of projects planned and is well on her way to being a quilter.  I am sure Grandma is pleased.  You know how us quilters are!!!

Darise picked really pretty fabrics for her block.  We had a great time putting this one together.  Her fabric selection really worked well.  She did very well keeping a consistent 1/4" seamline.  She has a lot of quilting in her future!  Very well done, Darise!!

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