Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quilting 202 - the block!

Diane got so much done today in the second of four classes.  She assembled all her 4 squared focus blocks and started on the flying geese.

Look at the chain piecing - whoa!
Here is a close up of Diane stitching an 'ear' on one side of a flying geese block.  She is so precise and does careful, perfect work.

We jumped ahead a bit and she assembled one of the focus blocks.  Sometimes delayed gratification is no fun at all!  We just had to see where we were going!
Isn't this the cutest block?? Each of 8 green trimmed squares has a different car or truck or plane in the center.  The navy fabric has cars and trucks and road signs scattered about.  This quilt is going to be so bright and fun for her grandson.  Can't wait for next week!!!

Finish all of the flying geese blocks. Press them.  Trim off the excess fabric behind the 'ears' on each flying geese.  When you come to class next week, we will assemble the other 5 blocks, add the linking blocks and then put the top together.  Yes, I think by the end of next class, we should have all the blocks sewn together and be able to add the borders.  We will audition a red inner border to see if we like that.  You are doing really well, Diane.  Keep it up!!!!

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