Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quilting 202 - the top


Looky, looky!  Diane is making real progress.  I was hoping we could have the whole top done today but there are just so many choices and possibilities to think about.  She does have the top all sewn together and the red inner border attached.  The 2 side outer borders are just pinned and waiting for some attention.  Her next big decision is to decide on the 4 cornerstones, make them, attach them to the top and bottom outer borders and sew the border on.  Then we will have a top folks!  We also planned the back so she has her instructions and her work cut out for her.  After the top is finished and the back finished, she can sandwich in the batting and be ready to machine quilt this puppy.  We also got the binding made and it is ready to be attached as soon as we are ready.  Stay tuned. . .she would like to have this done by Christmas but that is only 4 days.  I say she goes easy on herself and enjoys the process.  After all, she said the Grandson's birthday is in February.  Sounds like good timing to me!!

And we have a surprise planned for the back!!!  Stay tuned for the finished project.