Monday, January 31, 2011

Yep, I'm crazy!

Stayed up waaaaay too late tonight trying to get this bargello on it's way.  But, I did get a pretty good lick accomplished.  Each of 10 pairs have all been sewed into 5 groups of 4.  Man, I just love this fabric!!!

I've done it! I've lost mine mind!!!

Years ago, I bought a Bargello Quilt kit while I was at the Paducha Show and have never tackled it.  BHQG is offering a Bargello Workshop, so hey, I got the fabric, I'll just take the class and get the quilt top done!  Haha, before I get to the class, I need to have all the strips sets sewn.  It is taking forever!!!!  But I am determined to get 'er done!  Here's what I was promised.
I got 8 2" strips of 20 fabrics cut out and am beginning to sew them together into set strips.  I'll have 8 strip sets when (if) I ever get it sewn. These are at least sewn into pairs!!

Here's my very cool color pallett.  It was the fabrics that got me.  It runs from purples to peaches.  It is fabulous.  I'll try to keep pictures posted as I progress.  Oh, yeah, the workshop is in 3 days.  I am totally crazy!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Getting ready for the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show in March in Roswell, Georgia.  One of the things we always do is have a basket by the front door of the house and ask that if the visitor isn't going to keep their program to drop it in the recycling basket.  Thought we needed a real recycle sign this year.  Thanks to Linda at Paper Panache for this FREE paper piecing pattern.  You rock, Linda!!!

Danielle's Christmas Quilt

Finally got Danielle's Christmas quilt done!  Yeah, I know it is January, but that is pretty good for me!!!  A few years ago I made her a pillow from a charm packet I had.  Turned out pretty cute!!!
When she moved into her latest apartment, I made her floor to ceiling curtians from the green in the top left of the pillow.  At the bottom on each panel was a red piping and then about 12 inches of the white dotted material.  Of course, a table runner and three small coasters followed.  Why not run a theme just into the ground.  Anyway, got some more of the charms to make a quilt.  Kind of Christmas-y but she can keep the dots on the back turned to the front most of the year.  And the dotted material is a brushed cotton - not quite a flannel - but soft and cozy for late night movie watching or Sunday naps on the couch.

 Did the binding on the machine.  This is a functional piece - not a work of art!!  lol

Quilting 202 - Nestled Branches, Class 3 of 4

I am so proud of my students!!!  They worked so hard this week and came in ready to tackle a pretty difficult assignment - the dreaded mitered corner!!  But as they found out, it ain't that hard at all and now they are masters of the miter!!!  I had them miter the inner border and then for homework, they are going to miter the outer border.  Yes, I could have had them sew the two borders together and miter them at one time, but what fun would that have been.  They worked so hard in class on those first 4 miters and now they have got it!!!  These next four will solidify the technique.

These miters are just not bad for first trys.  The most important thing was that they got the idea of what they are doing.  I love it when a light bulb goes off!!!

*  Finish the outer border with it's glorious miters.  I know you can do it!  And we have a bit of a break before our last class.  Next time we will make our 'quilt sandwich' and start on machine quilting our tops.  If you guys are fast, we will work on the binding, too!  Yipee!  This project is almost done.  Nice work girls!!!

Quilting 202 - Nestled Branches, Class 2 of 4

We got serious today.  The girls came in with their rows all sewn together and we talked about ironing of the seam allowances.  During class we got all the rows sewn together, mastering matching seams and that elusive scant quarter of an inch.  Angela and Kandy have decided they don't want to be internet beauties, so they are remaining faceless.  Pretty intriguing don't ya think???  Anyway, here is Angela's main top piece.  I love the white blocks - they represent snow for me!  lol

 And Kandy is doing a wonderful job on her project.  This really is a lot prettier than the picture in the flyer.  I can't wait to see the borders go on!
Iron the tops, add spray starch if you like. 
In our next class we will work on the mitered corners!!!!!

Quilting 202 - Nestled Branches, Class 1 of 4

Angela and Kandy embarked on a big wall hanging project.  In our first class, we got all our fabrics cut to size and organized so we are ready to sew.  Angela is working with the prettiest cardinal fabric.  She is using brown sashing, white connecting blocks, a hunter green inner border and a pine cone outer border.  It is gonna be pretty.
Kandy is using the fabrics from the JoAnn project sheet.  She had to order them online and got the fabric shipped to the store.

This quilt has mitered corners.

*  Get all the rows of the center of the top sewn together.  Don't press any seams - we will do that in class.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quilting 101

I had a wonderful afternoon today with Monica and Sarah.  We made "Hole in the Barn Door" blocks at JoAnn's.  It is always a bit chilly in the classroom in the winter, but poor Monica had a hard time feeding the fabric thru the machine and staying warm at the same time.  She did a wonderful job at piecing and is a natural with the rotary cutter!  Who knew?  A new skill found in the new year is what we all should be looking for!!
But she managed to push on thru the cold and created and wonderful block.  I think I will call it "Fire in the Hole"!  lol  Her dear husband helped her select the fabrics and he did a wonderful job.  Bright colors scream at me all the time and these are really calling my name.  Nice job, Monica (and hubby)!
Sarah choose traditional colors and this block is so pretty!!!  I just love brown and blue together!!! And to quote Sarah, "This class was FABULOUS!"  Thank you for the kind words, Sarah.  Your block is pretty fabulous itself!!!
So, two more quilters added to the roster!!  If all you ever did was make half-square triangles and rail fence blocks, you could create amazing works of art for the rest of your life and NEVER get bored!!!  Check out a few of these beauties: