Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danielle's Christmas Quilt

Finally got Danielle's Christmas quilt done!  Yeah, I know it is January, but that is pretty good for me!!!  A few years ago I made her a pillow from a charm packet I had.  Turned out pretty cute!!!
When she moved into her latest apartment, I made her floor to ceiling curtians from the green in the top left of the pillow.  At the bottom on each panel was a red piping and then about 12 inches of the white dotted material.  Of course, a table runner and three small coasters followed.  Why not run a theme just into the ground.  Anyway, got some more of the charms to make a quilt.  Kind of Christmas-y but she can keep the dots on the back turned to the front most of the year.  And the dotted material is a brushed cotton - not quite a flannel - but soft and cozy for late night movie watching or Sunday naps on the couch.

 Did the binding on the machine.  This is a functional piece - not a work of art!!  lol

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