Monday, January 31, 2011

I've done it! I've lost mine mind!!!

Years ago, I bought a Bargello Quilt kit while I was at the Paducha Show and have never tackled it.  BHQG is offering a Bargello Workshop, so hey, I got the fabric, I'll just take the class and get the quilt top done!  Haha, before I get to the class, I need to have all the strips sets sewn.  It is taking forever!!!!  But I am determined to get 'er done!  Here's what I was promised.
I got 8 2" strips of 20 fabrics cut out and am beginning to sew them together into set strips.  I'll have 8 strip sets when (if) I ever get it sewn. These are at least sewn into pairs!!

Here's my very cool color pallett.  It was the fabrics that got me.  It runs from purples to peaches.  It is fabulous.  I'll try to keep pictures posted as I progress.  Oh, yeah, the workshop is in 3 days.  I am totally crazy!!!!