Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quilting 202 - Nestled Branches, Class 2 of 4

We got serious today.  The girls came in with their rows all sewn together and we talked about ironing of the seam allowances.  During class we got all the rows sewn together, mastering matching seams and that elusive scant quarter of an inch.  Angela and Kandy have decided they don't want to be internet beauties, so they are remaining faceless.  Pretty intriguing don't ya think???  Anyway, here is Angela's main top piece.  I love the white blocks - they represent snow for me!  lol

 And Kandy is doing a wonderful job on her project.  This really is a lot prettier than the picture in the flyer.  I can't wait to see the borders go on!
Iron the tops, add spray starch if you like. 
In our next class we will work on the mitered corners!!!!!