Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quilting 202 - Nestled Branches, Class 3 of 4

I am so proud of my students!!!  They worked so hard this week and came in ready to tackle a pretty difficult assignment - the dreaded mitered corner!!  But as they found out, it ain't that hard at all and now they are masters of the miter!!!  I had them miter the inner border and then for homework, they are going to miter the outer border.  Yes, I could have had them sew the two borders together and miter them at one time, but what fun would that have been.  They worked so hard in class on those first 4 miters and now they have got it!!!  These next four will solidify the technique.

These miters are just not bad for first trys.  The most important thing was that they got the idea of what they are doing.  I love it when a light bulb goes off!!!

*  Finish the outer border with it's glorious miters.  I know you can do it!  And we have a bit of a break before our last class.  Next time we will make our 'quilt sandwich' and start on machine quilting our tops.  If you guys are fast, we will work on the binding, too!  Yipee!  This project is almost done.  Nice work girls!!!


  1. Lisa,

    Can you tell me where to find Lesson 4 of 4 for the Nestled in the Branches quilt?

    Amy (near Murfreesboro!)

  2. I've got the pattern if you need it! I'm happy to share. And answer questions about it, too! The girls didn't get their projects finished so I don't have the pics to show the finished pieces yet. They have promised to send me pics and they better do it!!!!!!

  3. I've bought the fabric cuts listed on JoAnn's "How To" document, but it looks to me like there is NO piece of fabric big enough to be the back of the quilt!
    1.25 yds Bird AllOver, 3 Rows Bird Blocks, 1/8 yd Blue Swirl Vine, 1/8 yd Cream Vine Scroll, 1/2 yd Red Swirl Vine, and 3/4 yd Seaweed Solid.

  4. I've washed the fabric, and plan to iron it before I start sewing.
    I understand how to sew a 1/4" seam, but don't know which pieces to start with, or what order of putting it together is best.