Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bargello Workshop

Well, I don't know that we got a lot accomplished but we sure did enjoy ourselves.  Mostly we spent time drooling over everyone's strip sets!  The fabrics are just delicious.  And you will notice that I didn't follow the class syllabus - everyone is making this beautiful piece cut from 1 inch strips. Mine is cut from 2 inch strips and is gonna be just a tad bigger.  What else is new?

Jan, our brave instructor, has started another bargello just for our class!  She wanted to sew, too!
Carol's selections and first strip:
Elissa's selections:
Darlene's selections and first strip:
Lisa T's selections and first strip:
Zoe's selections and first two strips (over achiever!):
Marie's selections and first strip:
Diane's selections, color chart and first strip:
Sandy's selections:
And this is my set up at home in my studio.  I can get better organized with everything pinned to the design wall.  I have 4 whole strips sewn together!!  You can see the design started to form.  This is gonna be one beautiful piece when I get it finished - in 2037!!

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  1. All the fabric selections look fabulous. I particularly like the vibrancy of the orange in Jan the Tutor's selection.