Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have patience, people!

Lots of people are so excited about this quilt for Ryan and Micheal.  I have been getting emails asking what is going on, what am I doing, have I got fabric in the mail, what fabric am I using for the background?????  I love it!  But you people have to give me a little lee way here.  I have a schedule and the quilt will start AS SOON AS I GET THE BHQG Quilt Show program done!   That should be this weekend so then the attention turns to the quilt.  You guys are just gonna have to be a bit patient!  Of course, I LOVE people with no patience - they are my kind of people!  lol

Small hint of an update -  I have been getting packages of fabric in the mail, boxes left on the door step and folks handing me bags of scraps.  It is like Christmas!!!  I am sooooo happy!!!!  Janet wins for being the first person to drop their fabric in the mail!!!  One of Ryan's friends is buying the backing fabric!  I have decided to make the background all the same fabric (gonna use a JoAnn coupon for that) and I think the intersections will be teal and brown or at least the two same colors to give it a bit of a design.  But, I'm still thinkin'.  Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

SOON I will get pics of the fabric and hopefully the 'family member' who shared their stash posted!  Ryan and Micheal are going to be so surprised to see all their new family!


  1. Sometimes teal can be quite difficult to find BUT in my cleanup I just happened to come across some lovely teal which I would be happy to donate to my two new nephews!!

  2. You go, Joan! I am so glad you are getting that room cleaned up! You need to get back to sewing rather than organizing!!! The teal will be much appreciated!!!!