Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jessica attacks The Bear Paw block!

Half square triangles make most new quilters cry.  Not Jessica!!  I had all the sizes of squares cut out, drew a really bright white line down the middle of the squares and off she went.
 We found that it worked out pretty good if we moved the needle all the way to the right and she lined up the line with the indention in the front of the presser foot.   Worked like a charm!
 Look at the 1/4 inch seam!  Jessica chained pieced these guys together, flipped over the chain and stitched down the other side.  I think maybe she has done this a lot and just messing with me!!

 I pinned pieces together and laid them next to the machine, she picked them up, sewed on the side of the pin and we had an assembly line goin'.  We even got Dan in on the act - he was truing up the half square triangles for us so we could zoom thru this project.
Our next time together we will start sewing this tip together and I think will have it done.  I am going to make the eight remaining Bear Paw Blocks so that we can just put borders together.  Basically just Bear Paws as corner stones and borders.  Quilt ends up having three of them.  Yeehaw!!!

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