Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Borders Galore!

Jessica was busy!  She started sewing sewing borders.  We had a real assembly line going - I was pinning and handing to Jessica and then pressing and pinning and handing back.  We had it worked out pretty good where we didn't have much down time.  Here she is with the first border.  I like this picture - she looks so happy.
And here we are with the next round.  Two points to the first person who sees what the sited instructor messed up!!  Jessica decided to go with it, instead of un-sewing.  I like that about her. . .  But really, it can be a big joke for folks with vision issues! 

Now, it is looking good.  Jessica is not real happy with the people fabric, but it sure did make all the colors pop!  She said the coolest thing - She didn't like faces on kids stuff.  If the face is blank then the child can make up their own story about what the doll is thinking or doing.  I had never thought about that but it is a good point.  I'm gonna have to mull that one for a while. . .

I got up early this morning and sewed on the last border. We ran out of time last night and tonight the plan is to machine quilt this puppy.  Oh, yeah, time schedule is a bit rushed - the baby shower is Saturday - so we HAVE to get this done!!!  So, tonight we will sandwich some Fusi-Boo and Jessica will learn to machine quilt!  This is gonna be fun!!!!!  I think I may just do the binding.  I need a little participation here.  Can anyone say control issues???

Oh, and Jessica is adding some of the people fabric to Ryan and Micheal's double wedding ring quilt.  Auntie Jessica has just joined the family!!!

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