Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilting 202 - Cottage Rose 2 of 4

Why are we playing around with hearts and leaves???  Today we explored machine applique and I couldn't let the girls start out on their quilt tops!!  So, we played with our machines and made a stitch chart.  A stitch chart is two pieces of muslin with fusi-boo in the middle that I put a sample of stitches that I like so I will be able to remember what I did.  Can anyone say short attention span?  I stitch a row and then write down the particulars of that stitch.  My Pfaff 7570 gives me a stitch number and then length and width.  If I have something visual, it takes a lot of the thinkin' and rememberin' out of it and that makes me happy.

Linda used all kinds of stitches to go around these Two Star Design parts.  Funny how you think that one will be just perfect and then in real life it looks all yukky!!!  Overachieving Linda bought a new machine on Thursday and is exploring what all it will do.  Nice little machine with some really cool features.

Janet is such an overachiever, too!  I love that in a quilter!!!!  She took to the idea of playing with the shapes like she was born to it.  I think we share a colorforms history!  Man, I always was so happy when I could get the kids to play with their colorforms!
Both girls got ALL of their homework done!!  Might be a first!!!  Janet is ready to applique her medallions in the middle of the four patches she created.  Linda still needs to prepare her medallions but has all her four patches done.
We also took a field trip to the JoAnn thread department.  I have brought both girls over to the dark side and they love verigated thread!!!  Tee Hee!  I knew they would like it as much as I do.  We unraveled spools and pooled the thread on our fabric to get a real good look.  You can never tell what the thread will look like on the spool!!!  It has got to be laying all over the fabric!!!

•  Applique all the center medallions to the center of the four patches.  There are 70 of them!  Whoa!!!
•  Sew all the four patches together to form the main body of the top. Yeah, there's 70 of them, too!!!
•  Measure both sides and the middle and attach inner border to left and right and top and bottom
•  Sew strip sets together to form the border material.

I love giving a lot of homework to these girls!  They actually do it and that tickles me but really we are getting a lot of the work out of the way so we can really explore the techniques.  You go girls!!!!  Gold stars await the winner!!!  lol

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