Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taa Dah !

Put a fork in it folks!  It's done!

Well, kinda. . . .

Jessica didn't seem to have any problems with the machine quilting!  Her stitch lines could have been straighter and she had a couple booboos at corners, but I got to tell ya - She is phenomenal!!!!  I did do the stitching in the very middle of the quilt, because you just have to mess with all that bulk in the throat of the machine.  Now, Jessica did a far amount of that.  But she did not cuss ONE TIME!  It was amazing!!!  Apparently she is a much better woman than I am!!!!

She was able to line the presser foot up with the edges of the border and off she went.  The small borders were much easier for her than the large ones though.  The edges were closer and she could feel and 'see' the middle easier. 

I did the outer border the other night.  Before she came over, I layered the back, batting and top together and used my FAVORITE batting "Fusi-Boo".  Fusi-Boo (made by Fairfield) is so easy to use and makes machine quilting almost ok.  I laid the back on my bed, smoothed out the batting on top and laid the top on all of that.  Smoothed everything out and then hit it with the iron.  I love doing this on the bed because the whole quilt is accessible.  Fusi-Boo is heat activated, so I place the steaming iron in a grid pattern all over the top.  Once I have it pretty much adhered everywhere, I move to the ironing board and really sock the heat and steam to every inch.  NO pinning, no moving of the layers, no puckers on the back and most important - no crying!!!!

Look at that smile!  Pippin is even happy!!!  I did the last border, did the machine quilting in the middle and because I is have MAJOR control issues, I made Jessica let me do the binding.  I applied the binding and then machine stitched it down from the front of the quilt.  This is gonna be a quilt that gets used and loved and washed alot- it needs to be tough!!!!  But, besides that - this is all Jessica's work!  How cool is that.  She is gonna be the talk of the baby shower!!!

These quilting lines are just not this bad at all!!!  Now, the needle down feature on my machine helped alot but Jessica is really good at making the machine take ONE MORE stitch!!!  She has got great machine foot pedal control!!!  I think she is a natural. 

I found some great fabric for the back in my stash - thank you Hancock's of Paducah!!!!  The colors were perfect and the sentiment is right on target!!!
Jessica is going to get a label machine embroidered and put it in braille, too.  That way, EVERYONE can enjoy her label.  And, if the baby turns out to have sight issues, we are going to go back and put some fur on the bear and schales on the fish.  So, do you really ever finish a quilt????


  1. Hey its Jess! The baby shower went BEAUTIFULLY!!! I am sorry it has taken me so long to comment but I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off! I did get a picture and I will send it soon! Baby is coming on Saturday so maybe I will just wait and send you a pic of him on the quilt! LOVE!!!!! Jess P.S. LISA IS THE BEST AND IF YOU EVER WANT TO LEARN TO QUILT SHE IS THE WOMAN!!!!!

  2. Ah, and I didn't pay you a dime for those kind words. Nice Job!!! I can't wait to see the baby!!!