Friday, March 25, 2011

Toothbrush Rugs at John C. Campbell

I had the honor of going to a toothbrush rug class at John C. Campbell Folk School.  I loved being in the mountains even if it only was a weekend.  The ever-amazing RJ (Chicago cop/weaver/goat midwife/blacksmith/quilter/egg raiser/log cabin building supervisor) taught the class. I'm hoping I can be RJ when I grow up!!!
RJ learned this technique/stitch from a wonderful 95 year old woman in Florida years ago.  She has taught this class 38 times at John C Campbell and always has a full class!!!

We didn't get a lot of rug made.  We did start about 5 so we could get the hard part out of the way and make sure we could start rugs on our own and understand how to make the different shapes.  We used 1 to 2 inch strips of cut fabric (depending on the weight of the fabric as to how wide to cut the strip-the thinner the fabric-the wider the strip).  RJ recommends old sheets for lots of fabric on the cheap and cutting them about 1 1/4 inch wide.  The girls were all pretty prolific and everyone was so happy to learn this cool technique!!!

These cool rugs can be round, oval, triangular, square or even hexagons!!!!!  She is such the overachiever!!!

Louise wins for the prettiest fabric!!!  Her batiks just made us so pretty!!!  Everyone drooled over them!!!