Friday, April 1, 2011

Quilting 202 - Cottage Rose 3 of 4

Quilting is supposed to make you happy.  If it doesn't, find another way to fill your time!!!

I am so exctied to see the progress the girls have made on their tops!  They are both such over-achievers!  I never thought they would keep up with the pace we are going in this class.  Shows how much I know!

Janet has warmed my heart!  If this girl doesn't look happy, then no one does!!  Look at the smile!  I love it!!! And she got a cute new haircut to boot!
She got the top together and decided that the patchwork design made her happy and when she put on the appliqued medallions - it made her sad. So, of course, the executive decision was to leave those puppies off the quilt!! What I like about this top is the diagonal lines the green and the stripe create.  Very cool.  I like the green inner border surrounding the whole thing, too.
She has her piano key border under way and it is gonna be just stunning!  This will get cut into a 6 inch outer border and have mitered corners.

Linda's top turned out pretty cool, too.  The dark brown and the strip give it such movement.

Linda did applique the medallions in the center of her four patches.  I think, since this was a more sutble print and all the same pattern, it did not confuse the design like Janet found it did on her top.

Janet did such nice work on ALL 70 APPLIQUE blocks.  Bless her heart.  She is a better woman than I am.  I don't think I would have had the endurance to applique them all and certainly not in one week!  More power to her!!!  You go, Linda!!  She did such a good job on the corners.  Nice work!!

And she has her piano key border started and this is a hint of what the finished top will look like.
OK you overachievers - here we go!!
*  Finish sewing your piano key outer border.  Press all the seams one way.  Cut the outer border into 6 inch strips.
*  Measure your top and cut the outer borders much longer than needed to have room for the miters.
*  Sew a border on the left and on the right and then on the top and on the bottom.  Make sure to STOP 1/4" from the edge of the top.
*  Construct a back large enough for your quilt.  (We talked about this in class so this really isn't as bad as it sounds.)

Next time we will work on finishing the miters and sandwiching the layers together. I will bring in practice blocks for machine quilting.  We are going to put on a binding, too!  Isn't that fun???  Nothing like cramming a gallon into a quart jar!  4 sessions is just not long enough for this project.  Maybe if there was two weeks in between classes, it might be a tad better, but we are flying here, girls!!!


  1. Lisa,

    Here is the link for the Quilt Treasure Hunt that begins June 1:

    Janice Martin

  2. And here is the link for the Criss Cross Coasters tutorial:

    Janice Martin

  3. I adore Janet's quilt composition, any way you could post the fabrics she used? I'm a beginner, so I'm not much good at complimentary fabrics!

  4. Janet got all her fabrics at JoAnn Fabrics from their published list for the cottage rosa quilt project. Each store should have the set of fabrics. They may be mixed in amongst the other bolts but be persistent until you find what you need. Don't be afraid to ask for the manager and for help!

  5. Hi Lisa,

    If finished quilting my Cottage Rose quilt back in May and I'm finally getting around to sending you a picture. However, I can't figure out how add a pic to my comment here, so shot me an email I can send it to.