Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ryan & Micheal's Peeps

Ok, Ryan and Micheal - you wanted family to make ya a wedding quilt- you got family!!!! They are just a tad dysfunctional and quite opinionated but as the saying goes "You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family!" 

We are out to prove that sometimes family is not made of the people who share your DNA but people who share your dreams and well being.  So in that vein - Here are some of your new Aunties!!!

This is Auntie Jan T.  She has a wry sense of humor, a deceptively sophisticated appearance (She buys x-rated fabric at the Houston Quilt Show and will dress up in costume at the drop of a hat!) and is one of the coolest people I have ever known.  You'll like Auntie Jan T.  And she already has sent a wedding card for you two.  She's awful thoughtful, too! 

This is Auntie Lynda.  She is a long arm quilter and quilt teacher.  She also is a district representative for some really nice wool quilt batting.  Once, I took a class at her studio from Sharon Schamber.  That means nothing to you, but will impress all my quilty friends!

Auntie Wendy is quite the character.  She has been working on our guild's quilt show for the last couple years.  She and her husband have revolutionized the way we are hanging the quilts on the walls of Bulloch Hall, Roswell, GA. That fact alone, gives her pending sainthood status.  she also does really cool art-sy fart-sy quilty pieces.  Very cool. 

Auntie Patsy is a real piece of work.  She is a great woman and quite the accomplished quilter and doll maker.  Lately she has been making these really amazing cloth and bead 'vessels'.  She is a whiz with a needle and beads and fibers.  How she has the patience to pick up the little beads with the needle and sew them on the fabric pieces.  She is a much better woman than I will ever be!  She really is not bad with the rotary cutter and the sewing machine either!!

Auntie Lisa W is a real sweetie.  She is kinda new to our quilt guild and everytime she brings in a new project, we kinda just shake our heads and whisper 'over achiever' under our breaths.  She likes really bright colors and loves batiks.  She is my kinda girl!!

Auntie Jan J is the bargello queen.  She taught a recent workshop for our guild and we are all now hooked.  It may take me a lifetime to actually finish my bargello top, but I sure have enjoyed petting all the pretty fabric.  She has made several of these beasts and each one is prettier than the last one!!!  She helped all the students in the bargello workshop select their fabrics.  You can see her great color sense if you click on Bargello Project in this blog.

You still need to meet Auntie Zoe, Auntie Diane B., Aunite Marie, Auntie JoAnn, Auntie Betty, Auntie Diane R. and Auntie Jessica.  And there are all kinds of folks who want to add their '2 cents worth' in fabric.  You have family comin' out your ears!!!