Thursday, June 23, 2011

Double Wedding Ring Fabric Explosion

Well, kids, this is how the fabric started to arrive!  It is like Christmas!

Auntie Jessica thought the boys needed some of her fabric from the Bear Claw baby quilt.
Auntie Diane sent some cute stuff.  Love, love, love the construction equipment.

Auntie JoAnn sent this group.  Hope it ends up in the qilt?  Are you kidding?  Bright flowers and hearts and glitter? Please, you don't have to beg for this to be included.  And, just remember, since I have very few filters, EVERYTHING is gonna make it into this puppy!

And Auntie Patsy sent candy and jello and bears!  Oh, my!  Leave it to Patsy to have GREAT stash!
Auntie Diane sent the farm. Mushrooms and eggs and Olivia the Pig!
Auntie Wendy starts off by apologizing for not having a lot to send. . .  pa-lease!!!  Look at this stuff - coral reefs, bees, dolphins, babies in scuba masks!  What a delightful collection!
Auntie Tina send this huge piece of fabric with the cool car.  I haven't figured out just how to showcase this beauty, but it will be in the quilt!
Auntie Lisa W sent a tremendous selection of her incredible batiks!  Lots of these got rubbed and handled and ahhhed over even before they made it to the cutting table.
Auntie Janet has been hiding tennis shoes, coke bottles and sushi from us!  Thanks for sharing!  These are just way cool!
And Auntie Jan J had the farm, the fruit and the spools of thread.  She even sent along a guitar and sheet music!
Ok, I have to admit it - I lost who sent this collection.  Somebody fess up so I can label it correctly!!!  the dogs in 'Uncle Sam' hats is just darling!