Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Wedding Quilt Fabrics

Auntie Zoe cleaned out her stash and sent along a great selection of neutrals.  She has the best stuff !

And then I hit Bear Threads in Cumming, Ga and rounded out the group.  I think we have enough! I love being on a mission!  Betty did give me the evil eye every time I added another bolt to the cut pile.  She finally put her little hand on my arm and said, "There are no more neutrals left in the store.  STOP!"  So I did.  Uncle Dan cut them all up into nice little 5" x 5" squares for me!  What a sweetie!

And Uncle Dan attacked all the prints, too.  Besides all the ones we have already seen, Auntie Jan T and Auntie Holly sent a few selections. . .   I'm not sure if they were real excited about this quilt or just wanted to thin the herd a bit, but what does it matter?  Uncle Dan carefully cut 5" x 5" pieces of EACH AND EVERY fabric so we would have a nice blend and not leave anything out!

And then Auntie Betty came all the way from Michigan to sort out the paper pieces for me!  She separated each kind into it's group and clipped them all together and hung them on the design wall.
She is very cool!

Finally, we are ready to sew something!  All the hunting a gathering is done!

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