Saturday, June 25, 2011

MORE Wedding Ring Fabrics!

Ok, so I thought we were done.  Ha ha.  I should have know we would have late comers to the party!

Auntie Ali sent these in.  She has been making the cutest kids bibbs and the like and just had to share these fun prints!  I LOVE HER COLORS!!

And Melinda sent along these olive green sleeves.  They came a note from Melinda that said she would explain where they came from later!  That's a story I will need to hear for sure.  This red fuzzy stuff is a delight from Kathy & Ed and we even have someone give the shorts off their bottom to add to the mix.  I am not looking very deeply for a meaning here...

Auntie Jan T thought of the boys in Paducah while at the big quilt show.  She said this was the weirdest fabric she could find a Hancock's of Paducah.  I'm not sure if that is a comment about Hancock's or about Jan T but the little spiders are way too cute!!  Glad she sent a big piece cause that fabric is gonna show up in some future projects!

And then a wonderful friend of Ryan's sent 9 yards of this great stripe for the backing.  Think I'll use a bit on the front, too.

And when Betty got home from visiting me and arranging the paper pieces, she sent these fabrics to me. What a cool bunch of stuff.  This quilt is going to be so cool!

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