Sunday, July 17, 2011

The pieces become blocks and the blocks become a quilt top!

After all of Betty and Louise's hard work pressing, trimming and peeling of tissue paper, it is finally time to sew something together.  We started by laying out a corner on the living room floor.

And then we completed the outside border, block by block.
And then the fun part - Uncle Dan started to fill the inside with the completed blocks.  Dan and Matt had to make sure that no two of the same fabrics touched, that colors flowed and tones matched...  yeah, a Braves game was on at their attention may not have always been on color placement but they were persistent and didn't cuss at me too much!

 TAA DAA!!!!  Well, at least it is all on the floor in the way it is gonna be sewen.  Now to the Throneberry production line of quilt making.  Dan picked up two blocks to be sewen togehter, handed them to Matt who handed them to me.  I thru the finished blocks on the sofa, Uncle Dan picked them up and tried to remember where they went and then handed more to Matt.  It took about half the quilt before we really got in a grove!  But, at this point, all the rows are together.

the next step is to sew the rows together into one big quilt top, make the backing, get it off to Aunt Zoe to longarm quilt, sew the binding one and handstitch all around the edge.  And then it will be time for the surprise!    Yeehaw!!!

And the last of the fabric donations for the Double Wedding Ring!

This bunch of fabric just made it into Ryan and Micheal's quilt at the extreme last moment!  Good timing kids!  And it is so cool!

Russ, Joanna, Grant and Grace Lauer sent this nifty swatch.
 Julie, Darrell, Malary and Logan sent the blue swirl, Cole added the baseball fabric, and Peanut sent the dog print stuff.  LOL  And this way cool cat angel fabric came from Emmalyn.
Ray and Far added the green flowers; Joe, Jane and Joey sent the white with pink and green and blue; Ryan just had to add the kisses and the Santas.
 Ruth Toms sent this great selection of prairie prints.
 Bradley, Donna Jo and Thomas Glass added this harlequin; Donald and Joyce Propes sent the black dot; Amy, William and Jonathan sent the cool stripes.
Joe, Jane and Joby Keys added the cream; Kory, Amber and Jacob Judd sent the Mardi Gra inspired print; Jodi Sullivan sent in the bright yellow flowers and Gaye Flener added this red fuzzy and brown fabric.
 Cool Canadian fabrics came from Karima Merali.

We are getting some movement!

Now we are getting somewhere with this quilt top thanks to Betty and Louise's hard work.  It is going from pieces to blocks and Betty and Louise's visit made progress by leaps and bounds!!   I was sewing, they were pressing and cutting - we had a real assembly line!  And I would not be so far along without their help!  What sweet girls to spend their short 'vacation' working on this quilt and buying what was on the grocery list!  True friends really know what you need when you need it!  xoxox

And they started ripping the tissue paper off the backs of the pieces so I could start sewing together blocks to see if this whole experiment was going to work or not!

 And work is does!!!  This is a picture of nine blocks up on the design wall.  This is gonna be cool!  Ryan and Michael should just love it.  What fun it will be to find the different fabrics from all the people that love them.  This is lookin' way better than even I imagined!

Japanese Blocks

When the Japanese girls came to visit Holly and go to the Paducah Quilt show, we just had to send something home with them!  And since we are messing around with our new business, we decided to make a seasonal display for them so they would remember us the whole year thru.  Holly selected fabics and designed the series and I did the grunt work on the machine.  It was just too much fun!  Each set is similar but none are exactly alike.  I was able to meet the group at the Cracker Barrel resturant on their way back to Atlanta and be in on the presentation.  Since I have a 'real job' it has cut into my goings a bit too much!!  But Holly made sure I was there to see their faces and get hugs from all.

Each set has a block for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  We stamped the Japanese symbol for these seasons on each block as appropriate.  I used alcohol ink and stamped that right on the fabric.   Each block is about 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  The pieces are raw edge machine quilted.  I used the 'quilt-la-que' technique.  I raw edge machine stitched around each die-cut fused shape thru the background the batting and the back.  So when I was done doing the raw edge applique, all I had to do was bind.  Simple, easy and fast!  That's the way to do it!!!  Holly gave each of the girls a cute wire hanger so they could display them on the wall of their house.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Look what Betty did!  She and Louise came to visit over the weekend and Betty brought us all three a cute Fourth of July banner.  We each had to apply the binding and add the hot glue crystals to the fireworks.  We did a bit of embroidery work on 'em, too.  These pics don't show the crystal very well but the fireworks are littered with them.  What a cool project for us to work on together.  Betty had done all the grunt work for us!  She cut out the pieces, fused them and then did her best machine applique yet.  She is becoming quite the artist!!!  Her stiches are just great!!!  She had a good teacher!  lol  I took a picture of mine in my little wire hanger on the sofa table.  Actually was inspired to bring out the 4th of July decorations for their visit.  We all supervised Matt as he hung the bunting on the front porch, too!  Thank you, Betty!