Sunday, July 17, 2011

And the last of the fabric donations for the Double Wedding Ring!

This bunch of fabric just made it into Ryan and Micheal's quilt at the extreme last moment!  Good timing kids!  And it is so cool!

Russ, Joanna, Grant and Grace Lauer sent this nifty swatch.
 Julie, Darrell, Malary and Logan sent the blue swirl, Cole added the baseball fabric, and Peanut sent the dog print stuff.  LOL  And this way cool cat angel fabric came from Emmalyn.
Ray and Far added the green flowers; Joe, Jane and Joey sent the white with pink and green and blue; Ryan just had to add the kisses and the Santas.
 Ruth Toms sent this great selection of prairie prints.
 Bradley, Donna Jo and Thomas Glass added this harlequin; Donald and Joyce Propes sent the black dot; Amy, William and Jonathan sent the cool stripes.
Joe, Jane and Joby Keys added the cream; Kory, Amber and Jacob Judd sent the Mardi Gra inspired print; Jodi Sullivan sent in the bright yellow flowers and Gaye Flener added this red fuzzy and brown fabric.
 Cool Canadian fabrics came from Karima Merali.

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