Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Look what Betty did!  She and Louise came to visit over the weekend and Betty brought us all three a cute Fourth of July banner.  We each had to apply the binding and add the hot glue crystals to the fireworks.  We did a bit of embroidery work on 'em, too.  These pics don't show the crystal very well but the fireworks are littered with them.  What a cool project for us to work on together.  Betty had done all the grunt work for us!  She cut out the pieces, fused them and then did her best machine applique yet.  She is becoming quite the artist!!!  Her stiches are just great!!!  She had a good teacher!  lol  I took a picture of mine in my little wire hanger on the sofa table.  Actually was inspired to bring out the 4th of July decorations for their visit.  We all supervised Matt as he hung the bunting on the front porch, too!  Thank you, Betty!

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